The One Forma Generalist Volt Build

I’ve often prided myself with getting to MR26 and not having stuck a Forma in any of my Warframes, but when a recent update brought out dual energy colours, I kinda had to forma some of my Warframes, in the name of Fashion. And the first person to get a Forma of course was my beloved Volt Prime.

But that got me thinking. I’d had a zero Forma build for a long time. In fact, I had posted about this a while back in my Everyday Volt Build, which uses no Forma and works both on Volt and Volt Prime. That build though is… old. And not as efficient as it could be. In fact, I’ve changed my build a little since then, so it would be best to update it.

That being said, the All Rounders Volt Build is NOT a bad build. It’s a generalist build that lets you adapt it into different things. It’s also a very CHEAP build. The only expensive things about it are the Exilus Adapter, the Orokin Reactor and the Primed mods. Those things only require patience though and can easily be replaced with the non-Prime variants. The One Forma Generalist Build in comparison is more expensive, both in mods and time required.

Okay, with that out of the way, let’s look at the One Forma Generalist Volt Build

The one forma build for Volt Prime, consisting of Primed Flow, Continuity, Adaptation, Intensify, Power Drift, Redirection and two Augments
The one forma build for Volt Prime, consisting of Primed Flow, Continuity, Adaptation, Intensify, Power Drift, Redirection and two Augments

We’re going to split this build into three parts: Vital Mods, Main Mods and Optional Mods.

Vital Mods

There are several mods here that are vital to any Volt build. These are Continuity, Flow and Intensify. Having a negative or even 100% strength build does little for Volt, Duration is good for all of Volt’s abilities and Flow is too good a mod to pass up. Even if you don’t like this build, you should be using Continuity, Flow and Intensify, as well as a defensive mod.

Main Mods

Adaptation, Redirection, Streamline and Capacitance make up the main mods. These aren’t 100% as required as the other mods are, but they are what make this build for me. The mod Adaptation gives you damage resistances, up to 90%, based on damage that has recently hit you. But unlike Armour (which Volt has very little of), Adaptation works on Shields, which Volt has LOTS of and Capacitance makes Volt have even more of. Unfortunately Adaptation is a rare mod only available in Arbitrations, making it very hard to get. It can easily be replaced by Vitality or Quick Thinking though.

Streamline is there for a different reason, mostly for emergencies. Needing only 75 energy rather than 100 energy to cast Discharge can be a life saver at times,.

Optional Mods

These mods are mods that you can swap in and out as needed or are more based on personal taste than anything else.

Firstly, I know that Corrosive Projection is better than Steel Charge, but 1. I like Steel Charge and its added capacity and 2. changing it would make this a 2-Forma build. Which goes against this entire one-forma theme.

As for the other mods, Power Drift and Shocking Speed, these are up to you whether you use them or not. Power Drift might not give much when it comes to actual power strength, but the chance to avoid knockdowns is genuinely useful. Sure, you could use Primed Sure Footed but that requires you to log in for at least… 400 days minimum? Not sure. Either way, it’s dumb.

If you want to replace Shocking Speed in your build, I would highly recommend using Stretch. Extra range on Volt only really helps Discharge, but Discharge is where most of your power comes from.

As to what this build is good for? Nothing. Nothing and everything. You see, this is a generalist build that you can take anywhere with no tweaks. You won’t be doing maximum damage in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught but you can still do it well. You don’t be max-speeding across the Plains but you can still go fast. And you can still use Electric Shield and Shock without any issues. Basically, you can do everything pretty well without gimping your other abilities.

And not having to fiddle around with your build just makes things so much more…


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