Leafeon*, Glaceon*, Shellos, Gible and more have arrived in Pokemon Go!

*Assuming you have 200 coins or someone to buy a special lure for you.

The last few Pokemon of the Sinnoh Region have finally arrived! After being left behind for a damn long time, not to mention the fact that some Pokemon from Generation 3 still aren’t available, we can finally grab the last few non-Legendary Pokemon for the Sinnoh Pokedex! The most recent Pokemon Go update, straight after the Detective Pikachu event, has brought out the remaining, more interesting Pokemon and dumped them into the wild. Except for Rotom and a bunch of Legendaries and Mythicals, but most of them are here.

Pokemon Go Cherrim

Right now, you can find Cherubi, Cherrim, Hippopotas, Shellos and Burmy in the wild, and they all have their different types. Cherrim appears in both sunny and overcast forms, Hippopotas has male and female forms, as does its evolution. Unfortunately the Shellos colours are regional, with the Americas getting the pink version and everywhere else getting the blue version, based on the prime meridian (basically based on plus or minus UTC). Gible and Gabite spawn in the wild as well but they’re rare as fuck. Weirdly, in the short time I played today, I managed to catch Cherrim and haven’t found Cherubi yet.

Pokemon Go Shellos Blue Variant

There were two brief chances to catch both kinds of Shellos in the wild but unfortunately I missed them both as they happened at like 2-3am my time.

There’s also four remaining Evolutions available – the two missing Eeveelutions, Magnezone and Probopass. You can get these now as well… at the cost of 200 coins, or at the whim of other players.

You see, you need a special lure to be able to evolve these Pokemon. There’s a Glacial Lure to get Glaceon, a Mossy Lure to get Leafeon and a Magnetic Lure to get Magnezone and Probopass. These cost 200 coins in the shop and when you are in range of a Pokestop that has a special lure on it, you can evolve your Pokemon. Thankfully you don’t need to use a Sinnoh stone on these Pokemon, because that would be retarded.

Sure, you can wait until someone else uses these lures, but that still means that someone spent the equivalent of €2 per type of Pokemon evolved. If you were to buy all three lures, that’s €6 for four different Pokemon. Seems a bit much, if I’m honest, especially since the normal lures only cost 100 coins. The new lures also spawn different Pokemon (for example the Magnetic one can spawn electric, steel and rock types) but it still seems like a large asking price. Heck, super incubators cost the same and they give you 3 uses. Alternatively, for 200 coins

Yes, 200 coins is only 4 days worth of getting 50 coins from having Pokemon in gyms, but not many people actually get that luxury.

On the plus side, there’s always the naming trick with Eevees. Linnea and Rea are the names you can use to evolve an Eevee once into Glaceon and Leafeon. There’s no such luck with Magnezone or Probopass.

Fingers crossed though that we’ll be able to get some new lures for free, by doing quests or something. After all, all the other items in the shop (aside from Pokemon and backpack expanders) are available from doing special research, why not these new lures?

Anyway, I’m happy to finally get a chance to get Gible. The question is though, how and when will we see the last few remaining Sinnoh Pokemon?

Info courtesy of the Silph Road subreddit.


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