An Unwelcome Monologue

The Jovian Concord brings with it some very strange new… story elements. We discovered in the later end of Night Wave episode 1 that Alad V was making Amalgam beings – beings that were part Sentient, part something else, and that whole Sentient Hybrid thing is basically a massive part of this new update. Actually, it’s the main theme of this update, probably more so than “Jupiter gets a makeover”. There’s more Sentients in this update than on the Plains of Eidolon. And the Plains of Eidolon are covered with bits of dead Sentient.

Spoilers ahead, by the way.

Four Warframes against the Ropalolyst
Four Warframes against the Ropalolyst, with matching Power Rangers Fashion Frame to boot!

But the story elements, they mostly come from one thing: a large, annoying monologue that covers half your screen. There’s a very specific and obvious reason why the Ropalolyst, the so called Flydolon (literally a flying Eidolon), is locked behind the Chimera Prologue Quest. Because Natah, in her half Sentient, half Lotus form, will monologue at you for pretty much the entire fucking fight.

Basically, she fucking hates us. She thinks we’re all scum now.

As soon as you land on that Platform, Natah starts talking down to you, saying how the Sentients had a prideful, powerful history, how her parents were good people but they had to make her into a cog of the war machine because of the ‘golden wrath’, the Orokin. She admits it herself, she was made to worm her way into the depths of the Orokin’s warriors, into us Tenno, so she could kill us all. Except she took pity on us instead of murdering us all, because the Tenno are literally ageless child soldiers who just want to have normal lives.

But then she starts bitching about being trapped on Lua and being reprogrammed to serve the Orokin. To turn against her kind. And she blames us for the fact that she fucked up. Which is really bloody unfair since all we’ve done is be loyal to her and help her out. In fact, everything we did up until the War Within was based on us doing what the Lotus wanted.

So of course Natah, now that she’s no longer Lotus, considers herself free to come and fuck us all up because she believes we are evil and deserve to die like everything else in this bleak existence.

There’s one thing that bothers me though, and it’s this line.

Natah just drones on and on and on...
Natah just drones on and on and on…

Firstly, there’s the issue that Natah instructed Alad V to start working on the Amalgams. Which is worrying. And also curious because I can’t help but wonder whether he gave Amalgam tech to the Wolf willingly, with Natah knowing or not.

But the bigger thing is the whole “merging with the gods of their creation”. The work done with Alad V suggests that they’re only currently merging Corpus and Sentient tech. But the Corpus aren’t Orokin, not really. They’re a stray offshoot of the Orokin at the very least, and they have many other weaknesses that are completely separate from Sentient technology. Are Corpus Amalgams a single step, are these Amalgams the final stage or are there going to be more steps, where Sentients merge with everything?

I mean, if you want a perfect being with no weaknesses, then wouldn’t that be… an amalgam between Tenno and Sentient?

Basically, Natah is pissed. And she is clever enough to fucking destroy us if she wants to. She’s also prideful and boastful enough to destroy us slowly and over time rather than instantly.

Oh and it turns out Alad V was only partially willing to make the Amalgams. It’s clear that he’s not really wanting any of this, he just wants his standard Corpus greed and power and experimentation. I suppose at least that explains what he’s up to and clears his name a little.

Still, it’s all very worrying. These Amalgams are going to become more and more commonplace, and Natah is obviously no longer with us. She wants us to suffer and die, as her own mother demands it.


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