The Things a Pissed off Sentient Says

I’ve been thinking way too hard about how everyone talks to us during the Ropalolyst fight. I mean, Alad V’s words are pretty standard for Alad V. He’s always been a double-crosser, about as loyal as a snake covered in oil being thrown into a cage of mice and only about seventeen times as slippery. He’ll do anything for power and money for his experiments. He’ll claim that it’s to bring peace to the solar system but really it’s all to inflate his own self worth.

Then again, it turns out that Alad V was tricked by a mimic pretending to be an old friend. Alad V just wanted to get back into the good graces of the Corpus Board of Directors (because the profit-based society works exactly like a corporation) and didn’t actually realise that he had made a deal with the Sentients until it was too late.

When it comes to Natah though, frankly you have to take everything she says with a pinch of salt. Or rather, a whole moon’s worth of salt.

The thing is, Natah is really, really, really pissed off. Sure, she seemed a bit miffed when Ballas took her helmet off back in Apostasy Prologue, but now she genuinely wants to murder us all. She’s gone back to being 100% pure Sentient, she’s plotting and scheming and making a billion plans to ruin the Tenno who, not too long ago, she seemed to care about. She believes we are evil and is working on the Amalgams – a combination of Sentient and Corpus technology, to remove the weaknesses of both and create the perfect army of Sentients.

Natah goes one step further though. She goes full villain and starts laying out her life history, how she was designed to murder us all but chose not to.

The odd thing here though is that Natah now sees things very differently. The Lotus always said that she willingly chose to become our mother and seal us away on Lua. But Natah is making the complete opposite claim, that she had no choice in the matter, she was reprogrammed as we were, she was forcibly trapped on Lua and forced to become the Lotus. She was designed to murder us all by sneaking in and infiltrating her way into our weak hearts, and then all of a sudden she was apparently trapped and changed and turned into a mother. All her time as the Lotus was, according to Natah, completely against her will?

That doesn’t make any sense. Because it was the Lotus who had the Tenno kill the Orokin, wasn’t it? Or maybe not, maybe Ballas had Lotus/Natah do that, but that was all part of Natah’s original plan anyway.

The purple Sentient standing alongside Ballas that is OBVIOUSLY Natah. The question is, how sane is she?
The purple Sentient standing alongside Ballas that is OBVIOUSLY Natah. The question is, how sane is she?

But Natah believes she was saved. Her family saved her and now she can go back to doing Sentient things. Sentient things like wiping out everything Orokin-related and claiming the solar system as their own. That’s fair enough, the Orokin were massive assholes and everything they did was immoral and harmful. Not so much what’s left – the Corpus and Grineer aren’t great but they’re not Orokin, they’re just trying to survive in a system with no resources left. They’re small fry though. The number one targets on her list are us, the Tenno, because we’re the only things that can really hurt them.

Surely that’s reason enough to want to murder us, but for Natah, it’s personal now. She blames us for her being captured and changed into the Lotus. Even though she was the one who commanded us and put us to sleep and basically controlled us. Oh, no, it’s all our fault. So we’re “double” evil now.

There is a huge issue about all of this though. Natah is a spy. She’s a mimic. The queen of mimics, in fact. She may seem genuine right now, that this Sentient form is her true self, but let’s be honest here. Every single thing that comes out of Natah’s mouth could be a lie. Or is a lie. Or is the truth. We have no idea. Alad V has no idea. The Ropalolyst has no idea either and is getting his ass kicked on a regular basis because of it.

But I don’t even think Natah herself knows what the truth is. She’s pissed off and angry, but her mum is pissed off and angry at her too. She’s a jumble of thoughts and pain and confusion and possible brainwashing.

Does that mean we should pity Natah? No. Not when her solution is to kill everything. That’s probably the only consistent thing about her, both now and back when she was the Lotus.


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