Pretty Pretty Little Wispy Wisp

I don’t normally pay Platinum to rush Warframes, but there’s something about Wisp that made me pay the 39 Platinum needed to claim her before her last 19 hours were up. In fact, something went and made me spend 75 platinum on the alternate helm for Wisp as well. I very rarely do that.

In fact, when I first saw Wisp, I only caught glimpses of her. I didn’t actually see how nice she was or any of her custom animations or anything. But over the last few days I’ve been seeing tons of other people playing Wisp and, well I HAD to have her. There was no point buying her in the shop though, since I already had most of her parts. Then again, I did have to spend 114 Platinum to obtain her faster than normal.

Still, it’s worth it, because Wisp is SO DAMN PRETTY.

Wisp in the river
Wisp in the river

I’m not sure what makes her pretty though. I mean, sure, she has a nice butt, but so do a lot of other Warframes. Have you seen the butt on the Nezha Deluxe skin? That’s as good, if not better than Wisp’s butt. Wisp doesn’t even have any feet, she just has weird, broken things. Which look really weird when you use a melee weapon, since melee weapons use their own animations rather than Warframe animations.

Wisps’s animations really make it. While Limbo and Hildryn had their own roll animations, Wisp has custom walking and running animations as well and they really tie in well with the wispy vibe. When combined with how Wisp moves when idle and just how she looks in general, she looks absolutely amazing. Even with default colours.

Her alternate helmet is much better than her default helmet though. While I like the huge amounts of cloth on the normal helmet, it does make Wisp look a little… bald. The alternate helmet gives her some scarf-like matter on top, but it also looks like Wisp has little cat ears. I genuinely can’t wait to see what people make for her, both in alternate helmets and Tennogen skins, because Wisp has so much pretty potential.

Wisp at night with some little wispy plant buffs
Wisp at night with some little wispy plant buffs

The thing is, Wisp’s kit doesn’t really interest me. I like the whole planting seeds to get buffs thing, and the portal that Wisp makes that goes directly to the sun so you can fire a laser beam of pure heat is pretty awesome, but I’m not really that fussed about Wisp’s weird decoy and I still can’t work out what her third ability does. Part of it lets me teleport to some of my little seeds but I can’t tell what else it does. Still, the plant buffs are cool, they give health, speed and a little bit of crowd control and that’s pretty useful.

I’m still trying to work out why I like Wisp so much though. Her design is very nice but it’s not the best thing ever, is it? I mean, I like other designs more, and in terms of female attractiveness, I’d say that Mesa Prime and Mirage Prime look way, way nicer. I think it’s just because of how wispy and fluttery Wisp is.

Frankly though, if Warframe designs are going to be as cool and varied as Wisp and Hildryn are in the future, then I can’t wait to see more Warframes.


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