The Brand New Disruption Game Mode

Disruption is a new game mode that was added alongside the rest of the Jupiter facelift update, combining the new tilesets, Alad V, the Sentients, the Corpus and Amalgams all in one place. It’s an endless game mode which scales worryingly fast and has a strange reward tier system. It’s also very dimly lit, unlike many other Jupiter tile sets.

The premise is simple. You kill enemies, find conduit keys and shove them into corresponding terminals. You have to defend the terminals. But as each one is activated, Alad V will release a Demolyst, a strong, ability-resisting hulking red Amalgam. The Demolyst will charge straight towards the active terminal and once it reaches it, will explode, instantly destroying the objective. Destroy the Demolyst and the terminal automatically and successfully completes, and you can activate another terminal. You can activate as many terminals as you want assuming you have the corresponding conduit keys, which drop from nearby Amalgam enemies.

Disruption game mode. At round 3, things are pretty easy and the enemy spawns are pretty low. Later on, the mini map is filled with red.
At round 3, things are pretty easy and the enemy spawns are pretty low. Later on, the mini map is filled with red.

Fail to defend all four terminals in a single round and you fail the mission.

But at first, failing the mission is pretty difficult. In the first couple of waves, the Demolyst goes down quite quickly and there aren’t a ton of Nullifiers around. It doesn’t matter how many round you complete though, if you fail all four terminals in a round, you fail the whole mission, the same way you would in a normal Defense mission. It’s not like Survival where you can have the timer hit zero and all you have to do is head to extraction. But you do have the opportunity to extract whenever you want after you’ve completed the first round, if two or three terminals get destroyed, you can simply extract and not activate the last terminal.

Some terminals will grant enemy buffs, some will grant Warframe buffs. If you protect a Warframe-buffing terminal then you get to keep the buff until the current round ends, but if an enemy-buffing terminal is destroyed, then that debuff remains until the end of the round as well. Good fucking luck if you happen to fail an energy-drain or health-drain terminal.

The enemies scale fast though, and there are tons and tons of them. After about round 4, you’ll find Nullifiers everywhere and the health and armour of the Demolysts seems to increase massively, despite not being that high a level. I have my trust Pyrana Prime, which can take down Sortie enemies in one shot, and even though it’s modded for Radiation (which Sentients hate), it still took a whole clip to kill some Demolysts. After wave 6 though, things get INSANELY hard. Demolysts are also immune to a large number of Warframe abilities and have nullifier burps that will remove abilities that do work, and this becomes more and more common the more you fight. The only things that can stop a Demolyst later on are non-Warframe-related debuffs like Magus Lockdown for Operators or Temporal Blast in the Zenurik focus school.

The brightness levels you see most of the time. I have Warframe set up to be pretty bright, mind you...
The brightness levels may have been corrected, but Disruption is still rather dark compared to other Jupiter levels. This room is a rather common spawn point for terminals and Demolysts tend to come from both the left and right.

Mind you though, there’s not really much of a reason to go past wave 4. There are no interesting rewards in the Disruption reward table, it’s just Lith, Meso and Neo relics, mods that drop from Amalgam enemies anyway and Hexenon in such small quantities that you wonder why you bothered. The only reason currently to push to rounds 8-10 is to try and get the Glaxion Vandal, which isn’t a huge improvement over the normal Glaxion (and, like the Ignis Wraith, comes with no pre-installed polarities).

Once the event has ended though? I don’t know if anyone will play it regularly. I mean, you can’t even play it if you’re just traveling through the star chart, because you have to complete Natah before you can play Disruption. And that means getting to Saturn and Uranus and finishing the quests there.


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