On Finally Catching a Cosmog

Curse this Pixelmon server. Curse it and its temptation. The fact that this server, in order to curb auto-fishing, allowed you to fish up random Pokemon like a Super Rod with an increased chance of shinies is bad enough, but some evil bastard decided to put Cosmog, the legendary starry cloud Pokemon from Generation 7, into the pool of potential rewards. It’s an interesting idea as it forces people to actually be in-game and fight Pokemon and unable to just leave a macro and an auto-fishing redstone contraption running, but it sent me on a spiraling quest to obtain one of my favourite legendaries, Lunala.

The chances were small. Really small. Today, over a month later, I caught my Cosmog.

My stats for this Minecraft server
My stats for this Minecraft server. The stats are weird because it’s Pixelmon but you can clearly see how many fish I’ve caught. Over 11,000 fish!

But for a long time, I had given up. Especially after buying a Cosmog off my brother for 1.5 million in-game moneys. He managed to catch his after 1000 caught fish and half of that was from before the new fishing system had come out on this server. Brother has always been lucky, except when it comes to shiny Lapras and shiny Groudon in Pokemon Go. Anyway, I bought a Cosmog off my brother about a week and a half ago, after reaching 9000 fish caught. I had seen seven other people all catch Cosmogs, most of whom had fished a lot less than I had. Some lucky cunt managed to fish up two of the fuckers. After an awful day of being screwed over and watching brother get what I wanted, I bought the Cosmog off him and took it home to level it up and work out how to evolve it. Once the bastard was a Cosmoem, it was handed an Everstone until I could get myself a rare candy and guarantee it evolving at night.

Once I got a Lunala, I carried it around until it hit level 100, then, since I needed to level up some more useful Pokemon. I realised I didn’t have a single good Fighting, Fire or Steel type, so Lunala had to go into the PC for a bit.

So yeah, I gave up fishing and decided to do other things. I built a little floating house with an underwater bunker and mineshaft between two small islands, one of which was Sunflower Plans and the other being a very tiny Flower Forest. I also did a lot of mining, managing to dig about a kilometer in one direction until I hit someone else’s land. But I hadn’t completely given up on fishing. After all, it earned me a good amount of money. Within a week of buying that Lunala, I had managed to make 900,000 in-game moneys again. Part of that was luck as I had managed to fish up a Kyogre and two Keldeos (one of which I sold for 200,000) but most of it had been from fishing, mining and cutting down trees and selling it all back to the in-game shop system.

All of a sudden though, I remembered that, in Pixelmon, Lunala can spawn portals to Ultra Space. This meant I didn’t have to wait on random portals to spawn.

Now, going to Ultra Space is cool. It’s like Vanilla Minecraft’s the End but way more interesting as it’s made of random normal Minecraft biomes. My intention was to find a biome to camp in so I could find one of the many Ultra Beasts that have a tiny chance of spawning there. But of course I got bored. I built a house, did some mining then did some fishing, while jumping in and out of Ultra Space to get rid of the hordes of Arons and Roggenrolas.

And there it was, a Cosmog.

Happy little Cosmog
Oh my god this thing is adorable. I should point out, this server allows Pixelradar and Game Shark and other mods, but frankly Game Shark is kinda shit, it didn’t even highlight the Cosmog as I fished it up.

Right when I least expected it.

So now I have a Cosmog all of my own. The question is, do I evolve it into a Lunala which I’ll be the Original Trainer for and trade my current Lunala for a Solgaleo, or do I just evolve this Cosmog into a Solgaleo and call it a day?

Or do I go fishing for another two Cosmogs so I can have a whole family of them?

I don’t know whether I can go fishing another 10,000 times…

Maybe I’ll just take a break and work towards getting a Groudon, my other favourite Legendary…

Lunala and Cosmog in Ultra Space
Lunala and Cosmog in Ultra Space.


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