On Finishing Nightwave Season 2

After a bunch of strangely easy tasks for week 6 of Nightwave, I have reached level 30 and obtained all the cool shit, which I immediately started using. Honestly though, this all went by so quickly. It doesn’t feel like week 6 of Nightwave and it doesn’t feel like Season 2 has been around that long! But yep, it’s been six weeks of genuinely quite simple tasks.

Rank 30 of Nightwave Season 2
Rank 30 of Nightwave Season 2. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to catch the big splash because my Steam screenshots folder was too big and caused a massive delay. So I’ve had to create a new screenshots folder.

Nightwave has been really good though. Most of the tasks have been pretty easy and definitely doable. Even the tougher tasks aren’t too bad. A 30 minute survival seems long but is easily done while cracking relics or chatting with a group of friends. I basically did a 20 wave defense mission solo, using Khora and a specter to clean up anything that didn’t die from Strange Dome.

The only genuinely difficult tasks have been defeating Profit Taker and capturing a Hydralyst, but I managed those no problem due to the fact that I have gear set up for that. But even then, you don’t actually need a ton of gear for these fights – as long as you have a gravimag on an Archwing gun, a variety of status effects on your weapons and someone like Chroma, Rhino, Inaros or Oberon, Profit Taker is doable. Hydralysts are a bit trickier because they do require more specialized gear (or at the very least a non-Mote amp) but they are definitely doable. If an idiot like me can both do Hydralyst captures and write a guide for them, then most people past the Sacrifice can do them too. Worst case scenario, take Oberon and Trinity, stay close and protect lures so your team mates don’t have to.

When it comes to rewards? That’s a somewhat different story. Sure you get a second Umbral Forma but the cosmetics are really strange. You get a sword skin you can only use on one weapon, you get a single shoulder piece you can only wear on your left shoulder, you get some bits and pieces for Sentinels and you get an Operator skin that doesn’t match with anything else. These things all look badass, absolutely insane and we needed some cool-looking infested stuff since we have very limited options in that regard. But they don’t really match anything else. Heck, I tried matching the Operator suit with my Tennogen Volt Fulgasor skin (which is Infested-themed) and it was harder to do than I expected.

Infested Operator skin, infested sword skin, infested Volt Tennogen skin
Infested Operator skin, infested sword skin, infested Volt Tennogen skin

The other issue is no weapon slots and only one Warframe slot. I think weapon slots would have been a nicer reward than more robotics slots, which we got in the Nightwave intermission.

All that is moot though because this is honestly easy free loot. Most of the tasks, especially this week, are things players tend to do anyway. People do invasions and open relics and help Clem and things like that. And if you miss a task, you can complete all the tasks in you current week and start doing weekly tasks you missed. The daily missions are all insanely simple and can honestly be done in one round of ESO or 5-10 waves on any defense mission.

But we do have an odd situation here. People are reaching level 30, but we still have two more story segments to go. We have people looking up to a mute healer, we have people who just want to help heal, we have a mysterious guy claiming to be this mute healer’s voice and now we have zealots who are getting themselves infested and attacking people.

Where will this story go? And what level will we be able to reach in the extra ranks, earning handfuls of extra Nightwave Creds?


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