More Rambling About Dawnguard

I recently picked up Skyrim again in the hopes that I’d be able to make a mod that actually summons a dragon of my own creation. When that all failed, I ended up looking through mods in the hopes that someone had made a dragon follower mod that actually worked. When I came up short, I decided just to use my summoned dragons mod that I made ages ago. But then I decided I wanted to summon Durnehviir, the undead dragon who lives in the Soul Cairn.

That all meant playing Dawnguard again. On my Dragon character.

Sniper rolling his eyes inside the Soul Cairn in the Dawnguard quest line.
Although I am using this screenshot because it so wonderfully sums up how I feel about the quest. Sniper rolling his eyes inside the Soul Cairn.

Aside from the fact that getting inside tiny caves is a logistical nightmare and I find myself switching back to my dragon-argonian form on a regular basis, this whole quest is opening up so many old wounds.

The big problem is that none of this plot makes any damn sense and Harkon could be thwarted in so many different ways. I mean, I was standing there, listening to the vampires in Dimhollow Crypt or whatever it’s called, trying to work out how to get in and open the thing Serana is trapped inside. And from the sounds of it, they’ve been there a while and killed the only guy who had been researching the place.

Frankly though, once those vampires are dead, there’s no reason to go any further. Just board the place up, seal it all up tight and throw some guards in there and you’ll be fine. Or heck, solve the puzzle, open up the sealed box then kill the vampire who is staring at you and steal that Elder Scroll. Or heck, drag her to Fort Dawnguard and have her killed or imprisoned there. Or just… do anything apart from letting Serana go back to her crazy dad. I mean, it’s not like they’ll actually send powerful vampires or anything at you, they only ever send normal vampires, and there’s a lot of garlic and silver in Skyrim.

And I don’t buy the whole “Serana put a spell on you to make you not kill her” theory because she doesn’t do anything, she wakes up and doesn’t even look at you. It took the entirety of Miraak’s power, with power stolen from the Daedric Prince of Knowledge, to weakly control you in Solstheim, and that was only whenever you went to sleep. Serana does not have that sort of power. She doesn’t have much power at all. Vampires do have a spell that lets them seduce people but the spell is a visible one and Serana never does anything like that.

Yet here she is, following me around, when the whole universe would be better off if she was dead.

The only good thing that I have found is this fucking badass Dunmer Pyromancer who has gone around incinerating everything in his tracks. I actually just bumped into him while visiting Solitude. He was hanging around Radiant Raiments, which I had gone to visit in the hopes of obtaining a Necklace of Disease Immunity before I started the Dawnguard quest proper. Small problem though, he’s a hired mercenary (spent 500 gold on him, well worth the money) and he’s done his job, but I fear he will disappear once I complete the segments that don’t allow followers. Because Dawnguard forces you into several segments where only Serana can accompany you.

On the plus side, I have reached the Soul Cairn, which means Durnehviir is in reach. Frankly, this whole vampire prophecy won’t be a problem once I lock Serana away in Fort Dawnguard, alongside a small army of hired recruits, a large number of fire runes and a dragon or two.

Still, should have killed Serana in the first place.


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