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I mentioned the other day how the Lodestar Armour Bundle looked really cool but annoyingly floated in mid air rather than being connected to your Warframe’s body, but frankly that article has gone and opened up a can of worms and 500 word rambles. The armour in Warframe is kinda weird and ill-fitting and quite often not armour at all.

Let’s take the Avia armour set. Which amazingly has THREE variants: normal, prisma and solstice. But none of these pieces would provide actual armour, they’re just little shiny bits that hang off our arms and legs. There’s no protection to be had by these plates. On a lot of Warframes, they don’t even sit anywhere where they could protect them.

Of course, there are pieces that protect more parts of you. The Porta and Edo chest plates might be a bit tiny but the arm and leg pieces offer some protection, right? Well, the leg pieces will protect your shins. The shoulder plates just sit weirdly on your upper arms.

A lot of armour is like this, little dangly bits on your shoulders with an attachment on your ankles as well. While most chest pieces seem to be split between somewhat functional but also “style over substance” pieces and the Warframe equivalent of hood ornaments, chest plates seem to be alright. But shoulder armour is just a weird attachment that wouldn’t really ever be useful. Leg armour also has similar issues.

Excalibur Umbra with Saturn Six Armour
Excalibur Umbra with Saturn Six Armour

Some armour though genuinely does look like it will protect you. The most notable, and probably my favourite armour sets, are the Vetala and Saturn Six bundles, which both give you pauldrons that cover the shoulders, proper plates on the legs (although the Vetala ones could do with being rotated a bit?) and a chunky chest piece.

But then you get a couple of really damn nice pieces that are either asymmetrical or only work on one shoulder! The Provok armour piece is literally a Grineer head strapped to your shoulder, but you can only ever wear it on one shoulder! Why the hell can’t I have two Grineer heads strapped to me? The same applies for the upcoming infested variant from Nightwave, the head of an Infested Ancient looks badass strapped to me but why can’t I wear two? There are also other armour pieces that look nice, for example, the Harkonar armour set looks okay on one side and dreadful on the other, why can’t I choose which piece goes where, or have a variant that’s identical?

A lot of the armour though is an excuse to add more shiny metallic parts to your Warframes. I mean, that’s what most prime armour sets are there for, as are things like the Riv armour bundles. And we don’t get many armour sets, simply because they have to be manually set up on every Warframe. Why take the time to do that when you can much more easily stick a Syandana on everyone’s back?

Syandanas are at least cosmetic from the get-go, but they do violate the NO CAPES law.

Then again, I doubt any of this armour is going to do much to protect us anyway, considering how often our Warframes get shot, lacerated and blown up.


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