Destiny 2 and the Invisible Walls That Stop Me From Getting Into It

I really want to like Destiny 2. It’s got a very nice aesthetic and some really nice gun play. The characters look cool and the enemies look cool, even if they’re a bit boring. Really, with how I like games like Borderlands, Team Fortress 2 and Warframe, Destiny 2 should be a game that I would leap into and absolutely enjoy. But there’s a lot of things that stop me from really getting into Destiny 2 and I don’t really know what they are.

Well, I know what some of them are. One of the biggest issues for me is that, although the game itself runs okay on minimum settings on my crappy laptop, the loading times are abysmal. Utterly abysmal. It takes me at least 5 minutes to load to the Tower, the area with no enemies and NPCs and players only. There’s no ships here, no vehicles, nothing like that. Yet it takes five minutes to load. Loading into other areas is just as bad, but I can be slightly more forgiving if I’m loading into a large area, after all, each location IS the size of the Plains of Eidolon at least.

A view from the Tower in Destiny 2
A view from the Tower in Destiny 2. The Tower is about twice the size of Fortuna but takes ten times as long to load.

Then again, I’ve loaded into the Orb Vallis and large maps in Borderlands games more quickly.

But the loading screens are a big drawback because I’m impatient and I don’t like to be holding up people I’m playing with. It’s not fun to be sitting there waiting for that dumb person with the crap laptop to show up. But that continues into my other problem – that I’m kinda holding back the people I am playing with. They don’t need the shitty drops from any of the ‘story missions’ and I’m essentially a dead weight in most raids. Thankfully enemies seem to scale with players in some way but I’m not sure.

I think the biggest thing that put me off though happened the other day. I had multiple people recommend I save my Legendary Shards and use them to buy a really good Exotic weapon from Xur, the Destiny equivalent of Baro Ki’Teer. But when I got there, I was hit in the face with a sign saying I needed Forsaken to be able to purchase the weapon.

I have no problem with the fact that Forsaken is DLC (unless you were one of the poor sods who only bought the first two DLCs and are now stuck on the same level as as fresh F2P player) but I am constantly running into things that say “Forsaken is required” that pop up out of the blue. I mean, I’m even lenient on having DLC-only areas on the main map but this random cool NPC who comes by once a week with rare stuff kit me pretty hard.

I mean, I could buy the DLC, but guaranteed when I do, new DLC will be released and I’ll need to buy that too.

Are these things stopping me from playing Destiny 2? Not at all. But they are barriers that are stopping me from really getting into Destiny 2 and thoroughly enjoying it.

And, well, the loading times are also stopping me from playing, but you get what I mean.


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