Chimchar Community Day

Another month, another community day! Today’s community day was mostly normal, except for the end. The Pokemon in question was the Generation 4 starter Chimchar, a fire and fighting type that sadly not many people seemed to care about because it’s a monkey version of Blaziken, who came out not too long ago. But a chance at easy shinies and a special move is not something I’m willing to ignore, so off I went, from 11am to 2pm local time, catching Chimchars.

And why not? The sun was shining, the sky was clear and blue, the weather was very warm considering that it’s November and it’s supposed to be basically winter now. People were wandering around catching Pokemon and it was lovely. Well, in reality it was. Pokemon Go was under the impression that it was raining for 75% of the entire event and completely cloudy for the remaining 25%. We had clear skies all day but Pokemon Go decided otherwise, meaning we didn’t get any weather-boosted Chimchars.

Never mind.

Shiny Infernape
Shiny Infernape, evolved from a Chimchar from a research task reward.

I ended up catching a lot of Chimchars anyway. A lot of shiny Chimchars. I ended up with 17 in total, way, way more than my normal average of 5-8 and way more than I know what to do with them. Can’t really go around deleting them because they’re 1. shiny and 2. cute as fuck in that strange off-pink. I was basically tripping over the little shiny bastards. I even somehow managed to get a shiny Chimchar from research that asked me to catch 3 Chimchars. Which brings my total of “shinies from research” up to about… 3? 4? Oh well.

And on top of that, the spawns were actually pretty good this time round! Both Trapinch and Slakoth had really awful spawns for their community days and it’s been a reoccurring problem through the whole year, but this time round, the spawns seemed perfectly fine, flooding us with tons of Chimchars. Chimchar was a bit of a pain in the ass to catch (I did nearly run out of Pokeballs) but we got there in the end. Unlike Turtwig Community Day, there were no special Team Rocket Pokestops with a shadow Chimchar in them, but I don’t think we needed them.

Infernape got himself a community day move as well – Blast Burn – the same move that all fire type starters get. Sure, Infernape isn’t the most amazing Pokemon but he’s perfectly serviceable.

The best bit though was the bit at the end. We’d initially been a bit suspicious as to why we had two hours after the event to evolve and trade Chimchars and get the new move and that’s because a GALARIAN WEEZING RAID HOUR occurred right after the community day event ended!

So yeah, Galarian Weezing is a thing now. Apparently the new Pokemon Sword and Shield version of Weezing will appear in normal raids later on but we all leapt at this most dapper of Pokemon.

Dapper Weezing
Dapper Weezing, Galarian form, weather-boosted and 97% IVs!

I mean look at that. That’s beautiful. And frankly it gave people a reason to go outside even if they didn’t like Chimchar. Turns out Galarian Weezing is pretty small (smaller than normal Weezing) but it’s a really nice design and I love it. The smoke and little green clouds are nice as well, and it had a cool effect seeing Weezings spinning on top of gyms. My brother, whose favourite Pokemon are Koffing and Weezing, loves it even more.

But yeah, it was totally worth it. And to think that I was considering not going because I wasn’t feeling well…


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