Tips for Building A Railjack

The Rising Tides update comes with the quest to build your Railjack, but this quest isn’t easy. Not because of the high level enemies (most of them are level 30ish), the sudden bloom of Sentients (that spawn at random) or the time needed between component builds. No, the hardest thing, for a non-veteran player, is the cost and resources. These resources can be very taxing, even for older players. So here are some tips on how to get your resources more efficiently.

Bring a Smeeta Kavat wherever you go

Smeeta Kavats have the chance to double your resources. Even if it’s a chance, it’s still better than nothing. The Smeeta “Affinity” buff works on most things, including mining, and doubles the resources earned. The buff, while fleeting, is always worth having, but the downside is that you can’t control when the Affinity buff occurs. Don’t wait around for it though unless you’re playing solo, because you might be waiting all day.

Make a run on Seimeni, Heirachon or Sechura your first mission of the day

You’ll probably be running the Index anyway since you need 6 million credits to build your Railjack, but making it your first mission of the day means you get the first win of the day bonus means you get double credits. It is also worth noting that credit boosters also stack with the Index. Other sources of income are Profit-Taker and Sorties, which guarantee you 100k a day.

Don’t do that. Instead, you can use the first win of the day credit boost on a Sortie or on any of the many Dark Sector missions. Doing a mission like Seimeni or Sechura as your first mission of the day will net you an easy 90k credits. Credit boosters do however stack with pretty much everything, so if you DO get a credit booster for logging in, do some Index after doing your first mission of the day.

Farm all your Argon Crystals in one go alongside other things

One stage asks for 15 Argon Crystals. This is a pain in the ass farm because you can’t do this in advance, so you have to wait until you’re on the right phase of the railjack build. So you might as well wait for a relic fissure before you start farming, ideally a defense mission. Defense and survival are better since the enemies come to you, but if you are more patient and willing to check every room, capture missions work best.

Find High Level Missions for Carbides and Cubes

Some of the resources required only come from Eximus units on the Ceres and Europa tiles, specifically the missions on those planets (and not the ships orbiting those planets). But Eximus units don’t spawn regularly at first. If you are doing basic missions, they won’t spawn properly until about ten minutes in. But if you do a higher level mission, like a Sortie, a Kuva Lich mission or an Arbitration, enemies are automatically higher levels and thus far more likely to be Eximus enemies, so you get resources more quickly.

Alternatively just join someone else on their Railjack missions. You’ll get loads of these materials from enemy drops.

Take a Nekros Everywhere

Nekros is a nice, easy choice when it comes to loot. You press 3 and leave it and and go on with your business, picking up extra loot. Dragging a Hydroid or Khora with their augments into every mission also helps a lot.

Take Your Time

There’s no real rush to get your railjack built because you will be able to do Railjack missions even without a ship. This is because you can join someone else who has a railjack already built and serve on their crew. Just make sure you have your Archwing gear set up and ready to go. So feel free to earn resources as you go along.

But yeah, there’s really no hurry, especially since there’s plenty to do, with or without a ship.


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2 thoughts on “Tips for Building A Railjack

  • January 15, 2020 at 9:11 pm

    Hi, just to correct a few things.

    Index, credit caches and all bounties (including the 125k*2 profit-taker:4) are all exempt from the ‘first win of the day bonus’ , Index has been that way for almost forever, I think profit-taker is more recent (though one PT still gives more than a doubled sortie, even without Chroma doubling).

    As for the Argon, fissures are ok but, if you explore, 4-6 captures should get you all 8 crystal and likely much faster than waiting form them to be rotation rewards or enemy drops.

    • January 16, 2020 at 8:02 am

      I swear Index used to work, it doesn’t display the double credits but gives them to you anyway (then again the Index rewards can be stolen by Liches), guess I was just thinking of double credit boosters. When it comes to captures though, it’s a lot more wandering around exploring every nook and cranny looking for Argon, when you can just have all the enemies come straight to you in a defense mission, AND you can keep Nekros close by so you can desecrate enemies easier, covering the whole map. If you do fissures, you can also take advantage of the boosters in endless missions.


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