7km Eggs in Pokemon Go are Just Bad

There’s been a lot of events that have featured 7km eggs in Pokemon Go. From the event that made all 7km eggs only need to be walked 2km to be hatched, to the World Tourist Day event that put regional Kanto Pokemon in 7km eggs, to the recent Sinnoh event that briefly put Gible in 7km eggs, these bastard unhatched Pokemoon shell things are pretty vital to a lot of Pokemon Go activities. 7km eggs are also unique in the way you acquire them – they can only be obtained by opening gifts sent by other players, and any egg hatched from them will show where that person got that gift from.

A 7km egg in Pokemon Go
A 7km egg in Pokemon Go

But frankly, 7km eggs are just bad.

They’re awful.

In fact, they were only ever good when they only needed to be walked 2km to hatch them. Most of the time I actively avoid obtaining 7km eggs because I only ever have the standard infinite incubator, and whenever I do have incubators, I’d rather be getting rid of 10km eggs and even 5km eggs before I go hatching 7km eggs, unless there’s some sort of event around that makes 7km eggs special.

Why are they awful though?

Because the contents of said eggs are awful. Or rather, the work to reward ratio for 7km eggs is pretty bad. You walk further to obtain Pokemon that need more work to evolve or are more easily found elsewhere or just aren’t worth walking 7km to obtain.

Let’s go back to that Kanto Regional 7km egg event. During that event, you could get any of the regional Kanto Pokemon – Pokemon like Taurus and Mr Mimr – in those eggs, with a chance at a shiny form. At the same time though, you could also hatch a bunch of pretty normal 7km Pokemon, like Budew or Elekid, which heavily watered down the chances of getting a Pokemon that you want. Sure, Elekid and Budew could also be shiny, but the whole point of the event was to get the Kanto regionals. The Kanto regionals that most people can’t obtain because it’s expensive to travel across the planet.

The Sinnoh event and the recent Lunar New Year events were just as bad. Name me one person who would be happy to hatch a Buizel from a 7km egg, especially since they spawned pretty regularly all over the place. And who the fuck wants to hatch a Magikarp from a 7km egg when that both spawned everywhere AND also appears in 2km eggs?

But what about babies?

You have the same problem from all the baby Pokemon. Things like Budew, Pichu and Bonsly are cute, but you can find their evolutions very easily in the wild. Roselia in particular spawns everywhere and is weather-boosted in cloudy and clear weather, meaning it’s easier to find a high CP Roselia with good stats and evolve that, rather than messing around powering up a Budew. The only benefits to baby Pokemon are the cheaper second attack costs and the fact that they can be shiny. But the shiny chance blocks a lot of Pokemon – like Clefairy, Jigglypuff and Electabuzz – from being found in the wild as shinies. Unless specified otherwise, like Magmar in the Lunar New Year event.

That’s before I mention all those damn Alolan Gen 1 Pokemon that clog up the 7km egg pool. No one wants to hatch an Alolan Diglett from an egg that they walked 7km to open. This was far worse when Alolan Pokemon didn’t even have shiny variants. Once you have your Alolan Dugtrio, you don’t need any more anyway because you can just catch normal Digletts for candy.

What about other eggs though?

Honestly though, you can also say the same for 10km eggs. Most of the Pokemon in a 10km egg are alright. The least-wanted thing in a 10km egg is a Feebas or a Dratini. But Absol and Mawile are also not that popular because you can get them from raids. Or, if you’re Mawile, from Team Rocket Leader Arlo. The pool is diluted with things you can more reliably get elsewhere, which is the real problem here.

5km and 2km eggs are probably just as bad as well, but they are easier to get rid of. Especially 2km eggs, since 2km isn’t really very far and they have pretty nice things in them, like starters and Magikarps. The local regional Pansears and Volbeats in 5km eggs can fuck off though.

Really though, eggs in Pokemon Go are a massive gamble and it’s unlikely that you’ll ever get anything good from them. The pool of Pokemon in each egg is far too large that you’ll likely never get the Pokemon you want, not unless you spend money.

While most things in Pokemon go are pretty fair, eggs really aren’t.


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