Cliche And Trope-y Fashionframe

There’s a huge amount of customization in Warframe. You can change the colours of literally everything you own, from your Warframes to your guns to your swords to the dangly bits attached to your swords… All the way to things like your companions and even your massive spaceships. We have a multitude of colour palettes to choose from, not to mention skins, helmets and syandanas. But of course, even with so much to choose from, you still have people using the same old, overused schemes.

I mean, just look at me, I can talk, with my everything being yellow with black, white and blue metallic bits. But at least I’m unique in my ugliness. There are plenty of things that… aren’t.

Colour schemes

When it comes to colour schemes, there are hundreds upon thousands of different colour combinations, but there’s always two that stand out: edgy black and red, the Kuva-like scheme with red energy; or edgy white and gold with a cyan blue energy, for an Orokin look. But these colours are obvious. Orokin and Kuva are both cool colour schemes and look amazing on pretty much anything, and they’re easy to apply as well.

Pictured: Not Phovos the Excalibur with a Vectis
Pictured: A standard Orokin look. But what with it being me, I use yellow instead of blue energy.

Some people though just like to watch the world burn with a complete RGB colour scheme. With red, green and blue, you look like some sort of weird test subject. Throw in pink and yellow energy and emissives and you have… a mess.

Cliche Animation Sets

While the looks themselves can be varied, many people use the same animation sets. Of course, people use the Excalibur Umbra set all the time, and for good reason: you get it for free when you obtain Excalibur Umbra at the end of the Sacrifice. But some are far more obvious and are used everywhere. For male frames, Harrow Noble is used regularly, but I personally never liked it because the 3-second flavour animation looks weird without Harrow’s gear.

Female frames are a bit more varied, but it’s pretty common to see things like Ember Noble (mainly for the pistol animation stance). Gara Noble and Titania Noble are both also pretty common, but, like Harrow, the Titania animation set lacks the butterflies. And frankly the change between floating and not floating is kinda weird, even if you don’t have Titania’s cute razorflies.

Wisp's Badonkadonk.
Wisp’s Badonkadonk.

For anyone with a butt, there’s the Wisp animation sets. For maximum ass-showing.

Trope Syandanas

Really, a cliche article about cliche fashionframe can’t not mention the overused syandana. While it’s almost law that you have to use Pyra or Pyra Prime on Ember, there are plenty of other overused capes too. The biggest one is probably the use of the Repala Syandana, the most cape-like cape in Warframe.

There are other, popular syandanas, most notably the wing-based ones. But Repala fits on pretty much everything and has amazing fabric-like physics, so of course people will use it on everything.

The Weird Cliches In General

While people have a lot of variation when it comes to fashionframe, there IS one thing that stands out. For some reason, the bright pink butterfly Rhino is… a thing. It’s cute and silly. And it makes no real sense. Rhino is a big, strong boy and he looks great in many a colour scheme. But pink is more of a meme than anything else.

And then you have yellow Limbo. But that’s more of a Jojo reference than anything else.

Limbo with a Panthera against a poor Arid Grineer with a Miter
Limbo with a Panthera against a poor Arid Grineer with a Miter

I’m not judging, but you do start to notice things when you find yourself in a mission with three Orokin-themed Warframes, three times in a row. Or maybe I just need a better colour scheme.


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