The Exorcizor

It’s been a long time since I last talked about TF2 cosmetics, no?

The Exorcizor is a shirt cosmetic added during the 2012 Halloween event. Originally exclusive to the Spy, a patch in 2016 made it available to the Soldier, Pyro, and Medic as well. It is a clergy shirt with a cross on a gold chain.

The Soldier’s and Pyro’s grenades are removed with this cosmetic, and a zipper is added to the front of Pyro’s asbestos suit. The cross is specific for each class: the Spy’s cross is made out of two knives, Medic has a medical cross, Soldier’s cross is made out of two rockets and Pyro’s is made out of two Fire Axes. Personally, I think Pyro’s cross looks really off. I will much prefer the axes on the cross not have the axe heads at all, so that it looks much more cross-like. But then, it’ll just look like a really wonky cross. Oh well.


The Exorcizor has a religious theme, and is the only mutli-class cosmetic to do so. The other religious-themed cosmetics are the Nunhood, Angel of Death, and Mighty Mitre for the Medic. The closest we get to religion-themed cosmetics otherwise are the Mayan-themed ones from Jungle Inferno. And to me, they seem to be aiming for an exotic look, rather than having a religious theme.

The religious theme makes it a pain to make a cosmetic loadout with. The Exorcizor is basically like jelly beans: perfectly fine on its own, but doesn’t really play nice with most recipes and stands out in a really bad way. Imagine a steak dinner with jelly beans. Or lamb curry with jelly beans. Or … well you guys get the point. I’m starving. Also the Exorcizor stands out like a sore thumb when put into most cosmetic sets.

For Medic, the Angel of Death can’t be equipped with the Exorcizor as they occupy the same equip region. The Mighty Mitre is an acceptable option, as is the Nunhood, but that is about it if you want to stick to the religion theme. As for other classes, good luck. Facial hair, hair and glasses are all you have if you want to maintain that theme. Brimmed hats work too, as it gives the appearance of a travelling clergyman.

However, if you want to go for a demon hunter/vampire slayer/exorcist look, this thing is perfect. The religious theme also implies the presence of a supernatural element, so you can use it for that purpose. In fact, since the mercs will almost always have a weapon out, a hunter of the supernatural look will work better than a standard clergyman look. And a clergyman holding a gun will just look like some sort of demon hunter anyway.

Demon slayers

As cosmetics go, the Exorcizor is fine. Its theme makes it a bit more difficult to fit into a lot of cosmetic sets, but it can be something special if used well. For those that are about to say “you can make any cosmetic look good if you build a right set!”, I will like to point towards the Pop-eyes as an example of a cosmetic that can only look bad. At best, it’s silly. At worst, it’s a nightmare.

Man that thing sucks.

Exorcizor’s cool though.

Exorcizor banner image



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