The Sentients are Bastards

The Sentients are bastards. There, I said it. While maybe insulting the next biggest threat is probably a bad idea, I want to point out that the Sentients are bastards and they could have stopped all of this. There never had to be a new war. Or, really, an old war. But here we are, fighting Sentients.

But what ARE Sentients?

The Sentients are an AI race created by Orokin engineers, who were designed to go to the “Tau system to prepare it for Orokin rule”. They were given the ability to adapt, build and terraform and were sent to the Tau system. Over time, the AI slowly became consciousness and capable of understanding and creating their own thoughts. We’re talking a long, long time here, because these AI were sent the old-fashioned way, via space ships. Fast travel through the Void was possible, but it would render these beings weakened and neutered.

These AI realised that the Orokin would just destroy the Tau system that they had spent so damn long terraforming. So instead of handing the system over, the Sentients basically said “no, mine now, fuck off” to the Orokin.

This started a pretty nasty war.

Honestly, I’m not 100% sure who attacked first. I’m pretty sure it was the Orokin in their pride and hubris, but you can’t be certain. The Orokin wanted the Tau system. The Sentients wanted the Orokin destroyed. From what I can gather, the Sentients were originally acting in self-defense, until they pushed back into the Origin System. What I am pretty sure of is that fighting happened in both the Origin System and the Tau System. As per Mag Prime’s codex entry, there are mentions of people fighting at an “alien blue star”. Whether that’s an actual star or a Sentient ship, I’m not sure, but there was traveling back and forth. After all, the Sentients had come to the Origin System as well, sacrificing their fertility in the process.

For most of the war, the Sentients were winning.

It wasn’t until the Orokin were desperate and the Tenno and Warframes were used together that the Sentients began to struggle. The Warframes were flesh and bone and couldn’t be controlled like other Orokin technology. And the Tenno and their Void Powers were sheer poison to the Sentients.

Not that their struggles really mattered, because at the end of the day, the Sentients won. Most of the Orokin were killed. By the Tenno, thanks to their spy Natah. Only a few splinters were left, and most of those were hunted down and killed as well. The Orokin were dead and all that remained were the slaves and the traders. Society was collapsing and the Tenno, those who had caused this carnage, were forced to go to sleep.

The Sentients could finally be left alone.

They got what they wanted. The Orokin were gone. The Tenno were sleeping and scattered. Whatever remained was fighting among itself.

As far as the Sentients were concerned? Sure, they had left behind a lot of dead in the Origin System, but Tau was theirs forever. The technology required to get there quickly was mostly lost and the long way back wasn’t feasible for humans the same way it was for the Sentients. The Sentients were at peace.

The Anomaly Cephalon Cy wants you to check out.
The Anomaly Cephalon Cy wants you to check out.

But this wasn’t enough.

It turns out, having killed off most of the Orokin isn’t enough. The Sentients want to destroy literally everything vaguely Orokin-flavoured. The question though is why? Why put your people at risk? Why go back to war? Is it for reasons of safety? Do you need more space? Or do the Sentients just want revenge? Sure, the Tenno and their Warframes still exist, but they’re busy dealing with the mess they created. And the technology they used is mostly gone. In fact, the Tenno wouldn’t be arming themselves with a space fleet at all if the Sentients hadn’t spurred them into action!

There’s wanting revenge and then there’s being a hypocrite. Through most of the words spouted by vocal Sentients, there’s always this cry of “family”, but if they cared so much about family, why would they be going to war where family WILL be killed and slaughtered!

The New War will go badly for everyone

Nothing good happens by going to war. There’s always massive casualties on both sides. There’s death and destruction and nothing ever goes to plan. The Sentients could have remained safely and happily in the Tau system, completely oblivious to the death in the Origin system. There is no reason to come back, aside from revenge. Yet here we are, looking at a Sentient invasion.

And that, my friends, is why I think the Sentients are all hypocritical bastards.

Because if you really cared about family and safety, you wouldn’t be willing to sacrifice them to kill some golden bastards. ESPECIALLY ones who are mostly already dead.

And now we’re probably going to kill millions of them, because they took our mum.

Hey, I didn’t say that the Tenno were any better now, did I?

Limbo and what might actually be a scarlet spear.
Limbo and what might actually be a scarlet spear.


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