Okay the April Fools Minecraft Snapshot is Awesome…

Minecraft always gets the best April Fools jokes. Normally most April Fools jokes are temporary, but Minecraft always comes up with something cool. This year, Mojang came up with 20w14Infinite, a Minecraft Snapshot that includes, well, everything. Millions of different worlds, all in one, uh, world.

All made by throwing books into Nether Portals

The premise is simple. You take a Book and Quill, you write some gibberish in it, you close it and sign it and throw the book into a Nether Portal. The Nether Portal will change colour and, as you step inside, you are greeted with a randomly generated world, using your book as a seed.

But these aren’t normal worlds. Oh no, these are crazy, fucked up worlds. Not just “Amplified and weird” or even “Far Lands” weird. These worlds are nonsensical.

In this world, night and day only lasted a second and everything glowed purple.
In this world, night and day only lasted a second and everything glowed purple.

These worlds could be literally anything.

Made from literally anything.

For the worlds you create with your books, you get everything. New biomes, new skies, new day and night cycles, everything. Every block can be used. So you can end up with massive islands of Prismarine high above the clouds, floating over layers of glass and glazed terracotta, all floating on a sea of lava. Or you can end up in a cave world where everything is made out of melons and pumpkins, with random End Teleporters everywhere. How about a world filled with nothing but End Ships?

Minecraft Melon World
Minecraft Melon World

Actually, I don’t think descriptions really do this justice. You just have to go and make worlds for yourself and see what you come up with.

I recommend making separate portals though!

Since each book is unique, you get a unique world. So throw the same book into two different portals and you get two portals going to the same world. But copies of books don’t seem to work the same way as original copies do, and books seem to do different things across saves. So I’d recommend making new portals, so you can share the save with someone, rather than using a book.

Separate portals also means you can go back and take pictures pretty easily as well.

A world with dragons already in it.
A world with dragons already in it.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you see an End Ship, you should grab the books that are in those chests. Those books will create even more, strange worlds!

Many worlds could make amazing survival worlds!

You’d expect that most of these worlds would be impossible to survive in. A lot of them are, especially ones which spawn multiple Ender Dragons and Ghasts. Not to mention the worlds that are 99% TNT (created by having a book with the word TNT in it).

But a lot of these worlds also happen to spawn with starter chests everywhere, meaning it’s feasible to actually play survival in these mods! Sure, some will be far harder than others. After all, some maps will spawn you in the dark. I had one world spawn me on an End Ship filled with Creepers over an infinite void. However there are LOADS of cool survival challenges to be had here!

The Wool and Badlands World
The Wool and Badlands World

Try everything! Try worlds based on your own name!

You can create so many cool worlds with strings of text, but what happens if you just type your own name? Well, you get more craziness. I don’t think the craziness is the same between worlds, but it’s still cool to see what a world based on the word SPUF gets you.

Funnily enough, a book titled The Daily SPUF (with mostly just random text copied off the website)… crashed my game. I’m not actually sure how though. It looked like a pretty standard forest with a weird sky, but I have a feeling that there was falling sand somewhere. I did legitimately get a crash log though, something about something being out of bounds, so I think maybe I just rolled a -1 or something. A copy of the same book actually created a different world… that was all made of sand and caused massive performance issues.

A new book titled The Daily SPUF (but with just the website title and tagline as contents) also created a very laggy world but I’m not sure why.

I did manage to catch a screenshot of that though.

A very, very laggy world
A very, very laggy world


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