How To Make Your Nightwave Activities More Efficient

Nightwave Series 3 is here and it’s filled with yet more daily and weekly activities to do. The Glassmaker is this series’s theme and it’s all about a murder mystery! Someone is going around turning people to glass and sucking souls out of people! And it’s up to us to stop them! But we aren’t here to talk about that! We’re here to talk about how to make the Nightwave grind easier. The majority of Nightwave is weekly and daily tasks. But we need to do them efficiently. How though? With these steps, of course!

Nightwave Series 3 Glassmaker - Frozen Glass Ostron
Nightwave Series 3 Glassmaker – Frozen Glass Ostron

The obvious answer: Combine as many tasks as possible.

The first week of Nightwave started off with doing Syndicate Missions, killing enemies with Archguns and mobile defense missions, among other things. So immediately you need to see what you can combine. Using this week as an example, you can easily combine doing mobile defense Syndicate missions. Mod a weapon with Cold damage (easy to do if you are using Corrosive) and that’s three tasks pretty much done. Then you have K-Drive races and fishing, those both can be done in a single session too.

We also had a requirement to do a 90 second capture mission. If you’re willing to forgo the Syndicate medallions, there’s normally a Capture mission available. Two birds with one stone! If you don’t want to do Syndicates, you can always do Archwing mobile defense, and also do the Archgun challenge.

Ideally, you want to make progress as many Nightwave tasks as you can in a single mission. The more progress you can make in one mission, the better.

The slightly less obvious answer: Plan Ahead.

It’s the little things that speed you up. Do you need to kill lots of enemies quickly with one element? Low level Survivals spawn infinite enemies. Need to kill enemies with an Archgun? Then do a high-population Archwing Mobile Defense rather than relying on the limited ammo of an Archwing Deployer. Do you have a task to kill TONS of enemies? Sanctuary Onslaught is there for you. Sanctuary Onslaught also helps with killing Eximus enemies, but do you know what’s better? A Sortie with Eximus Stronghold as the modifier.

This even applies to the Daily missions. You can get these done by simply throwing the required element on your gun, or using a spammy mob-mowing weapon like an Ignis. Remember, you don’t need to ONLY have that element on a gun. A Kuva Bramma has innate Impact, Puncture, Slash AND Blast, as well as a Kuva Lich-based element (normally Toxin). But if you need Cold damage for example, just slap one cold mod there and kill enemies. As long as the element is on your gun, it’s (mostly) fine.

The less obvious suggestion: Get more done in Warframe.

Now this answer doesn’t make much sense at first. Getting more done sounds weird. Most people have gotten a lot done. But going the extra mile makes all the difference. For example, having done Titania’s quest, the Silver Grove, opens up a new Nightwave task that is locked off to you. The same applies to the Glast Gambit, which opens up the Index. Even just getting the first tier K-Drive from the Vent Kids makes doing the races sooo much easier compared to the default free one.

To put it another way, the more you have unlocked in Warframe, the more efficiently you can grind.

Go The Extra Mile.

Now, if you want REAL efficiency, there are definitely a few options to explore. The first of these is IMMEDIATELY joining Vox Solaris. Vox Solaris opens up both Profit Taker AND Exploiter Orb, both of which are now possible Elite tasks. Getting into Railjack and killing Liches is also recommended. You don’t need to be able to do solo Veil Proxima missions! Just get enough gear to be able to comfortably do the first missions on Earth Proxima on your own. All you need for this is Particle Ram and the health, armor and shield Avionics.

If you want to go even further though? I highly recommend joining and being positive with 4 Syndicates. Syndicate missions are a very, very common Nightwave task. Being a member of 4 Syndicates, even if you are not max rank with them, means you can do the Syndicate task in a single day, as well as get more medallions.

Always Do Daily Missions.

I cannot stress this one enough. The daily Nightwave tasks may seem like not a lot, but over the course of a week, that’s the same as one Elite task. And most of these tasks can be done in a couple of missions while you do other things. There’s no real reason to not do daily tasks because they are generally so easy. But unlike Weekly and Elite tasks, Daily tasks never come back. So you should do them now while you have the chance.

And the more effort you put in now at the start of Nightwave, the less effort you have to put in later!

Don’t Panic!

Finally, don’t panic. Nightwave isn’t like it was back in Series 1. If you can’t do all the tasks, don’t worry, as any missed tasks will come back later. Most likely, we will have plenty of time to work our way through all of Nightwave Series 3’s tasks and get those fancy rewards.

So don’t stress, just keep on plodding along and you’ll get that cool armour in no time…


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