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Today’s article is going to seem weird and random. But I’ve been curious about search engine terms for ages and I want to talk about them. You see, I have a handful of stats that help me gauge how many views we get at the Daily SPUF. This time last year, we used to get about… say, 300 views a day? Not too bad, but also not that great. This year, we get about 700 views a day. Why this is, I’m not sure, but it’s nice to see that something is working.

But I also get some other stats, and those stats are Search Engine Terms. These are things people type into search engines that send them to the Daily SPUF. Most of the time, they find a relevant article. For example, the search term “star trek online nude mod” takes you to one of aabicus’s articles. That makes sense.

This isn’t always the case though.

Sometimes, searches come up empty handed. One of the other most popular search terms is “warframe nude mod”. This most likely leads to one of my articles on Warframe cosmetics, namely The Best Butts in Warframe. But that article doesn’t really satisfy that search. So my thinking is that I should gather some of these questions and actually answer them. A lot of these are kinda too short to make articles out of, but need answering anyway. So that’s what I’m going to do.

What this article will be is simply a list of search terms, with an answer underneath. And maybe a related article. Gonna keep it simple. So let’s get started!

“warframe nude mod”

Might as well start with this search term. No, there’s no real nude mods for Warframe itself. There are skins and colours that can make a Warframe look somewhat nude, but Warframes can’t be naked. Operators are always clothed as well, for very obvious reasons. The Dirvurii Paradox or whatever it’s called is going to be an interesting time though.

warframe best kuva weapons 2020“, “warframe kuva weapon with magnetic”

Simple. Kuva Bramma and Kuva Nukor. There’s no argument here. The Kuva Bramma is like the Lenz but even more explodey, like carpet-bombing an entire room. Meanwhile the Kuva Nukor is just silly, with ALL the elemental damage and a massive damage multiplier. Fun all round!

But Magnetic Kuva weapons aren’t very good. While they do allow for damage against Corpus even when modded for Corrosive, you’re better off getting a Radiation or Toxin Kuva weapon, as they cover more bases. Cold is also potentially a better option now for easy modding into Viral.

“what weapons do people like to have riven mods for in warframe?”

This one’s a bit tricky to answer, because the answer changes with the “meta”. But normally it’s whatever weapon you see everyone else using. As of writing, it’s things like the aforementioned Kuva Bramma, but new Prime weapons are always popular. Except Pangolin Sword. No one likes that. Good all-round weapons include the Grakata, Arca Plasmor, Rubico, Lanka, Paracesis, Redeemer and Ignis.

how to talk to little duck in warframe

When you go to Fortuna, you know where Eudico is? There’s a big truck parked behind her and a big door near that. The secret back room is where Little Duck lives. You have to switch to your Operator to speak to her though.

“is minecrafts april fools update temporary

Yes and no. While the April Fools Infinite Worlds update was technically temporary, you can still access it. If you have Java Edition, you can access old versions of Minecraft via the Installations tab on the Minecraft launcher. 20w14 is the Minecraft Infinite Worlds snapshot, which is between Minecraft versions 1.15 and 1.16.

warframe how to change the chat from showing stars

This suggests that people are typing in chat in a different language. Either you need to change your language settings via the Launcher before you press PLAY (by clicking on the language at the top next to the small gear icon). Or you need to change your Region to one that mainly speaks English, which you can do by going to Options/Gameplay.

new kanto 7km eggs not worth it may 2020

Honestly I think they are worth it, if only because you can get Lapras, Scyther and Onix from them. Sure, there are Eevees and Venonats everywhere, but eggs always give better stats. And since they’re technically 3.5km eggs now, why not open them?

wjat missions are vilt good for

I wonder if I made a typo somewhere and spelled Volt wrong. But in answer to this question, Volt is a great all-round frame. He can be built for nuking rooms, defending objectives, rushing through missions or a bit of everything. Hence why I have my all-rounders Volt build. And the updated all-rounders Volt build.

“pixelmon berries”, “top 10 pixelmon berries”, “best pixelmon berries” and all those questions asking about Pixelmon berries?

Gonna be honest, I really don’t know. I know that all the berries work the same as they do in normal Pokemon when it comes to stats. And you can plant berries in the ground to grow more trees. Personally my favourite is the Apicot Berry which you bake to make Pokeballs. Does the berry juice drink every Shuckle has count?

go battle sucks“, “pvp in pokemon go sucks” and about 20 variants of this search term

I totally feel your pain. The Pokemon Go Battle League just sucks. Between the bugs, lag and glitches to people exploiting a broken ranking system, it’s all bad.

Okay that’s enough questions for now.

I could actually sit here and do this all day. Except for all the search terms about nude mods. Seriously, there are a lot of hits here for nude mods. The only nude mods I know much about are Minecraft and Skyrim ones.

What I’m curious about though is how this article will affect our SEO and stuff like that. Although, frankly, I don’t think it will do much at all. Mostly because these search terms already led people to this site. But still, it’s interesting to see what people have looked for and what searches bring them to the Daily SPUF.

The more interesting thought is that these are just search terms that we know about.

The vast majority of search terms are in fact made private and are encrypted, and simply come up as “unknown search terms”.

So really, it’s a mystery what people are searching for. But knowing us? It’s probably more nude mods.


Phovos writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF since she doesn't have anything better to do. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Phovos has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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