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Weedle is the Pokemon that won last month’s Twitter vote, beating out the likes of Squirtle and Gastly. Mainly because we didn’t have a shiny Weedle yet, and people wanted something that hadn’t been in events. After all, we’d just had a bunch of Kanto events, not to mention party hat Gengar with two exclusive moves. Weedle’s shiny line is pretty cool, and it’s nice to get a Pokemon that didn’t have a shiny in the past.

So, on June 20th, we got Weedle Community Day

People weren’t THAT excited for Weedle Community Day. After all, it’s Weedle. It’s one of the Pokemon you kill millions of to level up your stuff early on in Gen 1 Pokemon games. Really, the fact that it took this long to get Weedle as a shiny is pretty insane. But here we are, catching Weedle. As well as Weedle spawning everywhere in the wild, it also appears in snapshots of your buddy, and is 99% of your incense spawns. At least for the 6 hours between 11am and 5pm on June 20th.

Beedrill gets a move for PvP

The exclusive community day move though isn’t one that’s useful for Raids. Frankly, Beedrill is too small and squishy to be useful in raids, like Bug types in general. But Beedrill is getting Drill Run as its exclusive Community Day move, which will give it quite a few good matchups in PvP.

Why? Because it gives Beedrill lots of coverage. Being a dual Bug/Poison type, Beedrill is generally used to deal with Fairy types or Grass types, but Poison has a very hard time against the other dominant PvP typing, Steel. Drill Run, a move that very few Pokemon can get, will ensure that Beedrill now has insane coverage against Steel, which is weak to Ground. Alright, sure, you’re still gonna take a lot of damage since Beedrill isn’t THAT tanky, but having coverage moves, especially ones that charge somewhat quickly, is very, very handy.

Weedle isn’t why people are playing though…

This Community Day is less about Weedle and more about the bonuses. Incense currently lasts for 3 hours during the Community Day. Which means you only need 2 Incense for the whole event. That’s great because there was no free Incense box for Weedle Community Day. You can also get 50 Pokeballs every half an hour from your buddy, assuming you are at Great Buddies or higher, which is very useful.

No, the real bonus here is THE STARDUST! We have TRIPLE Stardust with every Pokemon caught right now. That means every Weedle nets you 300 stardust. With a Star Piece and Weather Boost (in cloudy or rainy weather), that’s 512 stardust per Weedle.

So really, the main reason to play is to collect huge amounts of stardust. Because we always need stardust.

Even if you don’t like Weedle, it was a Community Day worth doing.

The stardust bonus is simply too damn good to turn down. But you’re also getting a Pokemon that can be cheaply evolved for tons of experience earnings and has a pretty cool niche in PvP. So it’s not completely useless.

And, honestly? Shiny Beedrill looks fucking badass.

Shiny Beedrill
Come on, he’s so cool!


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