Fishing on the Cambion Drift is Rather Annoying

I am normally a big fan of fishing. Not just in Warframe, but in other games as well. Minecraft fishing has always been particularly strong. Heck, I spent way, way too long fishing for a Pokemon in Pixelmon. But there’s something… lacking when it comes to fishing in the Cambion Drift. I don’t know why, I’m just not enjoying it as much as I should. I suppose we should go through infested fishing and work out why…

Fishing is a requirement for the Entrati.

Alright, fishing has always been a part of the open worlds. Grabbing a spear and grabbing some fish, delivering them to whoever needs them, is just part of the game. In Cetus, you’re feeding the poor, the unlucky sods who had their homes destroyed by the Grineer. The servofish you give to Solaris United get torn down and given to people who need repairs. but infested fish… are kinda mostly just used for experimentation, I think.

Really though, it’s not so much that you have to fish that’s the problem. It’s how much you have to fish. While I’ve always had huge amounts of fishing resources for the other areas, I am constantly spending my fishing resources for more and more tokens.

Some of these resources are kinda tedious to get.

Just like the Plains and the Orb Vallis, you have different fish spawning in different caves on different cycles. Thankfully, the Cambion Drift took a page out of Fortuna’s book and made it so all fish can spawn, regardless of rarity. They do however spawn based on both location and “time of worm” or whatever you want to call the Fass/Vome cycle. Each cycle is an hour long, but it’s quite possible that you constantly just miss one of the cycles.

For example, every time I went fishing, it was always Fass, which meant I couldn’t get the Vome fish I needed. To the point that I actually ran out of Fass residue, because I never managed to get outside during Vome time.

More importantly though, because you are farming for Daughter tokens more than anything else, it’s a lot, lot easier to completely empty your stock, and have to go out and fish more. Mostly because Daughter will constantly demand the uncommon resources from the fish that spawn during specific cycles.

Fishing in a cave in a sea of red.
Fishing in a cave in a sea of red.

There are Infested everywhere pissing you off.

I swear, there’s nowhere good to fish uninterrupted. Most of the open areas always have a few Infested patrolling through them. You can’t get any damn peace and quiet. What’s worse is that the base Infested fishing spear is actually an ‘alarming’ weapon, meaning it has the same effect as normal gunfire – it draws attention to you. The more expensive spear is technically silent but I have seen some people use it and it still draws some attention.

The only real solution here is to fish with Ivara, who is always invisible, so you can fish in peace. Alternatively, you can give the Infested a distraction. Wukong or a Specter both work, but the fighting can and will get your fish killed, even if you’re invisible.

But even then, unless you have the expensive spear, enemies still know you’re there. I’ve caught fish and then immediately been shot by nearby Mutalist Ospreys, because they can hear me.

The spawns aren’t actually that good.

So, by the time you’ve actually found a good spot to throw down some bait and fish… you realise there’s no fish. I have found that, well, there’s hardly any fish.

Now, in the Plains and Orb Vallis, fish mostly don’t spawn until you are holding your spear. Which makes sense from an optimization perspective, because there’s no need to spawn something that players won’t be looking at. On the Cambion Drift though, fish only seem to spawn when you are NOT holding your spear!

It’s a real pain in the ass, because when you are trying to fish, you don’t want distractions. But while you are doing anything else, you don’t have time to pull out a spear and snag those fish before they weirdly despawn.

Daughter is kinda creepy.

And to top it all off, we have to turn all our fish parts in to… Kaelli. Who is weirdly overly breathy and sexual about all these damn fish. I mean, she’s an interesting character, but, I dunno, she seems so over the top. Okay, yes, I get it, you’re interested in cutting fish and taking out the insides. I’m interested in baking cakes but you don’t hear me getting turned on as I beat eggs and sift flour. If anything, part of me feels like Daughter is so over the top so people would lewd over Mother a little less.

But even if Daughter was Ticker levels of awesomeness as a character, that doesn’t solve all the other problems Cambion Drift fishing has.

Not to mention that the fishes fucking fly around. You’re fishing in a 3d space, with fish flying above you. I suppose, at least you can stand on the water…


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