What Am I? An Orokin Family Therapist?

Alright, heads up. This is going to be a VERY spoiler-heavy article. I’m going to be discussing the Entrati family. Or rather, what’s left of it. Just like the rest of Deimos, the Entrati family is pretty messed up. But UNLIKE the entirety of the small Martian moon, the Entrati are messed up in their own, unique ways. And it’s not just because of the Infested.

Before we begin, there are spoilers ahead!

I’m warning you now, because this article contains commentary about the dialogues as you rank up with the Entrati. Just like how Fortuna has its revealing thing when you level up, the Entrati have it too. As you climb through the syndicate ranks, you learn more about the Entrati family. Unlike Fortuna though, the Entrati treat you to a family scene each time you reach a new rank, where they discuss their problems.

This is what we’re talking about today.

Apparently I am a family therapist.

Somehow, it is up to me to bring all these people together. I don’t know how, but my actions, helping the Entrati do random chores, helps bring the family together. At first it’s an uneasy alliance, just to keep the Heart of Deimos alive and running. But slowly the Tenno manages to sew shut the gaps between them. As we level up,we bring back mementos from the Entrati’s past, which forces them to talk about what they did and what was wrong.

Daughter never got over her passion project being ruined. Son never got the attention he wanted. Father felt like an outcast who couldn’t do what was right for his family. And Mother was obsessed over her own missing parent. An unhealthy mix which we help to fix in our weird, Tenno ways.

It’s not a perfect fix. Even after the family is brought back together, there’s still arguments. But at least no one is getting maimed any more.


Infested, my ass, you’re all dicks.

None of the Entrati family are particularly nice. As you move up the ranks, they do open up, but they’re still not really that nice. They’re all pompous Orokin assholes, with the same traits of over-the-top pride and “NO I AM RIGHT!” demeanor that every other Orokin person has. But more worryingly, the Entrati are violent. Physically violent.

One of the first grievances we hear is that Son killed all of Daughter’s fish. That’s a shitty thing to do. But the violence only escalates. Son is kept shackled and chained up, due to him getting them all infested in the first place, until you help them all out. Father cares more about making weapons and protection than anything else. But, worryingly, the females are more dangerous. Both Daughter AND Mother both physically attacked Father. Daughter attacked Father with a claw (probably the Keratinos or its original Orokin form) and Mother repeatedly slashed at Father with a shard of glass. Whether either of them are responsible for Father’s missing arm, I doubt it, but that violence is just… immoral.

Really, the sanest one here is Father. Father killed Son’s Infested pets, because he thought they were dangerous, and he was right. He probably handled the situation poorly, but it turns out that, in a deranged twist, Son was making things for Father to kill as a way of spending time with Father!

Grandmother isn’t a great person either.

Now, you’d think that Grandmother is what keeps the family all together. Well, you’re only kinda right. Grandmother cares about the family, and it’s clear that Father got his slightly more level mind from Grandmother. She just wants everyone to get along and be happy and remember who they are. And she has a plan to do so.

You see, it was Grandmother who sabotaged the Heart of Deimos. Grandmother was willing to put the omniverse at risk to fix her family. And while the Heart of Deimos IS a MacGuffin, apparently it really IS super important and universe-threatening AND it’s connected to both the Void, the Solar Rails AND the Tenno’s power! Grandmother was completely willing to sacrifice the life of a random stranger to get her family to start talking again.

And then there’s Loid and Otak.

Really, these two get completely left out of the whole ordeal. It’s Loid and Otak who realise something is wrong and summon the Tenno to help. Yet they’re… not included in the family reunion. Sure, Loid is stuck-up and Otak is the “quirky guy”, but they do most of the work and get none of the reward.

It’s a shame, really, because the characters themselves are pretty good. And Loid seems to have all the actually important lore at his fingertips.

I suppose we get a cute name out of it.

When you reach the Family rank, the Entrati give you a cute little name. All along, as you level up, everyone gets new names. Well, everyone except Grandmother. For rank 5, you are inducted into the family as well, heralded as a savior and given the name Ayatan. Because you’re the shooting star that saved everyone.

Except you don’t actually intentionally do any of that. Tenno just naturally have the power to help ugly things calm down and have civil discussions. What happens with the Entrati is almost identical to how we dealt with Umbra! We just do what we always do, see past the ugly things and be nice. So, uh, I guess I AM just an Orokin therapist.

The cute name though is literally all you get. The ONLY item you can redeem for free by hitting rank 5 is a fish trophy, which most people don’t care about…


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