The Jupiter in Warframe Makes No Sense!

Jupiter is a weird place in Warframe. It’s the start of where things get serious. There’s a bit of a difficulty spike between Jupiter and Ceres  And it’s also the centre of a lot of strange lore. Jupiter is where you first meet Alad V and gives you a glimpse of what’s to come.

But Jupiter makes no sense! In really any way!

For example, physically.

Jupiter is a gas giant. It is essentially a star that couldn’t quite make it. Jupiter’s outer layers consist of permanent storms of clouds and gas, and the only solid parts of Jupiter are at its core. But the core of Jupiter is so dense that no one’s 100% sure what it consists of.

However, Warframe’s version of Jupiter is actually filled with floating cities. Cities that are weirdly submerged in otherwise completely still clouds. This brings up nothing but questions: what are these cities floating in? How are they stationary? And are they anchored to anything? Living on these gas cities must be a massive pain in the ass.

To be fair, Warframe gets around this by having all the planets be ‘terraformed’ by the Orokin. But there’s nothing to terraform on Jupiter. It’s all gas and clouds and storms. This makes even less sense when you realize that Jupiter has tons of moons that could have been locations instead.

And then there’s the lore.

Jupiter’s lore is a real mess. Mostly because it consists of Alad V doing stuff. When you first get to Jupiter, you sort of learn that it’s under Alad V’s domain. You beat Alad V on the boss node and move on to Saturn and Uranus, because you can’t do the Ropalolyst battle yet. But when you come across Alad V on Uranus, mostly during the Second Dream and Natah quests, he looks weird. He says you did him a favour so now he’s helping you.

Somehow though, you come across Alad V on Eris as well. And here, he’s Infested. When you go back to do the Ropalolyst though, he seems fine. And in the mean time, you’ve been fighting Amalgams on Jupiter all along. Creations that shouldn’t exist until after Alad is no longer infested.

What’s actually going on?

So Alad V does stuff on Jupiter, buggers off to Eris, helps you on Uranus then comes back to Jupiter.

The problem is that the story is actually out of order, if you follow the star chart. The first time you run into Alad V is when you find out about his Zanuka project. Afterwards, you’re supposed to run into him on Eris, when he’s trying to use the Infestation, because no one else is willing to spend time with him. After that though, things are rocky, because the only clue to his whereabouts is an old event. With the introduction of Tyl Regor and his Tube Men, the Tenno help Alad V and cure him of the infestation.

It’s only after the squabbling with Tyl Regor that Alad V comes back to help you. The Lotus uses Alad V to get information she needs, and he helps you in the Second Dream. Once that’s over, Alad V disappears, unwanted by pretty much everyone.

After the Sacrifice however, Natah uses her mimicry powers to trick Alad V into working for her, by pretending to be an old Corpus friend. This is where the Amalgams and the Ropalolyst come in.

But this all makes Jupiter a weird place.

Because all of this stuff seems to happen at once and in the wrong order. Heck, you can stumble across secret labs and amalgams before you’ve beaten Alad V and his Zanuka project. But the problem of things being in the wrong order could actually easily be fixed. All you have to do is move some of the Mutalist Alad V stuff to either Mercury or Deimos, where Infested roam, and have a mini quest tying things together. Preferably one that starts after you unlock the Saturn junction, and then gives access to the Patient Zero quest.

You don’t even need a particularly long quest either. Just have a handful of missions, tied together with existing dialogue. But the more important thing is to make sure that these events are in the right order.

As it stands though, Jupiter is in all the wrong orders…


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