The Binding of Team Fortress

When I originally started writing this article, Afterbirth+ hadn’t come out yet. This DLC introduced modding and a Steam Workshop for the game Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Like other games with modding capabilities, Afterbirth+ wouldn’t just inject new content into the Binding of Isaac, but it’d make the game last longer. After all, just look at Skyrim, with all its mods keeping the game on life support.

At the time though, I was only considering purchasing the DLC. The thing that put me off was the fact that I’d need to purchase both Afterbirth AND Afterbirth+. And that, in my eyes, was an awful lot of commitment for a game I hardly played.

There’s actually a new DLC coming soon.

Repentance is the name of this DLC, and it was originally sparked as a MASSIVE mod made for Afterbirth. Not Afterbirth+. The original mod, Antibirth, featured new characters and new alternate floors, as well as a whole new ending and some amazing custom music. While the BoI community seems to love this mod, there was a problem. Antibirth needed to be updated to work on Afterbirth+.

At some point however, the developers got involved with the modders, and the whole thing is being made into its own DLC. Impressive, right?

This story actually kinda reminded me of this article, that I’d started back in 2016. An idea to make a mod that added all the Team Fortress 2 mercenaries as characters.

The mod would have been really simple.

Basically, the 9 TF2 mercenaries would be made into playable characters. Each one would have either a set number of starting items or their own custom starting item.

There would also be some custom items to go alongside the mercenaries. Originally, these would just be iconic items, like the sandvich and Jarate, which would have been reskins or alternatives of items like Yum Heart and Lemon Party. But I could have theoretically added all the base weapons in some way. Or at least the more exotic ones.

But really, if I’d made the effort, I could have made some unique enemies as well. The TF2 short Expiration Date had come out recently, and that would have been perfect. Bread monsters of various sizes would have made for cool bosses. Even if I didn’t want to make a whole new boss, the bread monster would have been a great replacement for a boss like Chub.

It’s way too late for my ideas though.

Back before Afterbirth+ though? I had an entire idea of making TF2-based babies. The Binding of Team Fortress, for lack of a better name. But I never did anything with it. And even now, I ended up never really going through with the project. After all, I don’t play the Binding of Isaac at all now. So the whole idea is going to be wasted.

Plus, to make matters worse, a lot of these items actually already exist in the official game. We actually already have needle shots. Heck, my Spy idea of having enemies ignore you has already been added as an official item by someone else: the camo shorts.

So yeah, I missed the bus on this one. But rather than being negative about it all, I’m going to leave both my ideas and my old vector artwork here, in case anyone else wants to use it. It’s all free to use, but if you do choose to use it, a link back would be nice. Optional, but nice.

You can download the original vector files by clicking here.


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