On Catching Dragon Types

Dragon types are super rare in Pokemon GO. Most types of Pokemon have one or two specimens that spawn on a regular basis. In the current Season of Legends, the only noticeably missing type, aside from Dragon, is Dark. Ice types can be rather rare, but Pokemon like Spheal and Swinub do appear occasionally. But aside from that, you can find most of each type.

Dragons on the other hand are pretty much always never around. You’ll be lucky to see one a week, unless there’s an event going on.

There’s no common dragon type.

Every other type has a “common” Pokemon that spawns on a regular basis in Pokemon Go. Jigglypuff and Snubbull are common Fairy types, Aron is a common Steel type. Despite the fact that Steel and Fairy are strong types. Fir the currently not-spawning Dark types, Poochyena used to be the common dark type, but it wasn’t alone. Houndour, Murkrow and Sneasel are all formerly common Dark types. And, of course, there’s a ton of normal and flying types, which

Dragon types lack this completely. The only vaguely common Dragon type is Dratini. And even Dratini is so rare that you simply don’t see it.

To be fair, there are not a lot of Dragon types out there.

We are on generations 5 and 6 of Pokemon. And the number of dragon types available isn’t that high. Excluding Legendaries, all we have are Dratini, Bagon, Gible, Deino, Axew and Noibat as base evolutions, and Vibrava, Alolan Exeggcutor and Altaria as evolved Pokemon. Out of all of these, Dratini is generally the most used when it comes to Dragon-based events. Deino is mostly relegated to eggs, while Axew might as well not exist.

However, Dragons ARE over-represented when it comes to Legendaries. Rayquaza, Latios and Latias, the Creation Dragons and the Tao Dragons are all, well, dragons. But the best way to beat most of these guys is generally more dragons.

Even in rare conditions, Dragons are nowhere to be seen!

The problem isn’t so much that dragons are rare. It’s more that they’re super rare even when they are supposed to be slightly more common. In Pokemon GO, Windy weather is supposed to boost three types: Dragon, Flying and Psychic. This means that any Pokemon with these types will have a higher CP, get a small stat boost and are supposed to be more common. While, yes, you do get an uptick in Flying and Psychic spawns, during Windy weather, Dragon types are STILL nonexistent!

For example, as I’m writing this, it’s been Windy weather in-game all day. There’s been a lot of Taillows and Swablus, both Flying types. Spoink and Baltoy are spawning as well. These are all weather-boosted. But I still have not seen a single Dragon type. Not even a Dratini.

Noibat could have been the common Dragon type.

Thing is, despite how few of them there are, we could have had an uncommon Dragon type to fill the same role as all those Pidgeys and Jiggypuffs. Okay, maybe not that common, but at least Magikarp- or Swablu-levels of common. Or, just, I don’t know, make Dragon types more common overall. I mean, these days, they’re not even that strong. The ones that ARE strong are mostly Legendaries.

Perhaps I’m complaining a little too much. After all, I am wholly stuck on this “catch 30 dragon types” research. But I’m not a hardcore player and I have the “catch 30 of every other type” long finished. Dragon types are constantly put on this unobtainable pedestal, and for what? Most of them get their asses kicked by a Mamoswine or a Rhyperior anyway.


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