Medic’s 5 Most Beloved Minecraft Music Tracks

Minecraft’s music is amazing. While most games have kinda heavy tracks that play constantly, Minecraft’s music fades in and out. You’ll only ever catch a hint of music, before everything fades back to quiet. The only exceptions are the music discs, but you need to hunt those down. This means that the tracks kinda blend into one another. You can’t always tell songs apart. And, like most video game music, you often have to track down the songs themselves later.

But thanks to technology (and me looking up the tracks), I actually know what these damn songs are called. Knowing the track names means I can finally make my own playlist on Spotify. Because it turns out that this music is great when you are super stressed out with work.

Also, now I can make a nice little listicle about my 5 favourite Minecraft tracks.

5. Wet Hands

I like to think that Wet Hands is what got me to keep on playing Minecraft. There’s something so delicate and beautiful about this track, yet also so simple. Wet Hands is probably one of the background songs that define Minecraft, at least back in the early days. Now, with more stuff going on constantly and more danger all around, Wet Hands and similar tracks have less time to play. But when they do, it’s always a pleasant experience.

At only 1 minute and 30 seconds long though, the song fades away, almost as quickly as it began.

4. Living Mice

I’m not normally a fan of tracks that fade in. I’m not normally a fan of tracks that fade out either, because they leave me longing for closure. Living Mice does both. Yet it’s, again, a delicate, beautiful track that slowly rises, before slowly fading away again. The track just leaves me longing for more.

Sadly, just like Wet Hands, Living Mice is an extremely short track. The other downside is that it was meant to merge into another track. But when you listen to it on its own, it’s clearly meant to lead into another track.

3. Subwoofer Lullaby

Subwoofer Lullaby kinda does what the name suggests. It’s a lullaby for subwoofers. Or is it a lullaby made from subwoofers? I don’t actually know. I don’t actually know what’s going on in this song either. It kinda changes into a slightly different song for the second half. That’s a common theme in Minecraft tracks, but in Subwoofer Lullaby, that change is definitely tasteful.

My computer’s speakers aren’t sure whether to thank me or not when I play this song for the dozenth time though.

2. Chirp

It was pretty obvious that Chirp would appear here, especially since I recently wrote an article about it. But it is a great track. What I like most about Chirp though is that it’s genuinely interesting. A curious blend of lullaby and bouncy elevator music, that always

I just wish there were easier ways to get those damn music discs. Just so I can build a house where that’s the only song that plays. In Survival though. I could do that in Creative whenever I want, but that’s not really in the spirit of the song.

1. Atempause

Okay, I kinda lied in the article’s title. Atempause isn’t a song in Minecraft. It IS however a song by C418. Kinda. It’s a remix song by both C418 and Danny Baranowsky, the genius behind the original Binding of Isaac soundtrack. Atempause is the track that plays when you visit secret rooms in the original Binding of Isaac game, and it is just… haunting.

Haunting and beautiful. But mostly haunting. The high pitched tones and pauses just… do something to me. I don’t know, it’s nigh impossible to explain what this song does to my head. I want to say it sends chills down my spine, but that would imply the song is bad in some way. Either way, the song perfectly does what it’s meant to do: give ambiance to a dark, dank, hidden room.

If you have Spotify, you can hear these songs for yourself in the weird iFrame player thingy above.

Of course, your lists will be different. But these songs are the ones that stand out for me. They make my brain tingle and my ears happy, so they all end up getting played on loop. Because I’m weird like that.



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