These New Corpus Railjack Missions Feel Rather Weird…

With Corpus Railjack, we got a bunch of new Railjack missions. Unfortunately, these aren’t just Railjack missions. They’re part Railjack, part normal Warframe. Weirdly, these are curious combination of the two. There’s definitely some good and bad things about them. In fact, I’ve already talked about the defense mission before. But I feel like we kinda need to talk about all of these.

It’s definitely not all negative. Just… confusing.

These missions do kinda feel like taxi rides.

Every new Corpus Railjack mission works in pretty much the same way. You destroy something to get access to the Corpus ship and optionally have to destroy some crewships or something, then you fly off to the main objective. Once you’ve done that main objective, you have to run to extraction to get back to your Railjack. But once the objective is gone, pretty much all the ships flying around outside are… gone too. It’s just you, empty space and maybe a derelict you can visit.

Why are we forced together?

What I really, really don’t understand is why everyone has to do the exterminate, defense or whatever. Exterminates in particular, because they’re not exactly labour-intensive.

If anything, the Railjack outside should be doing things to HELP the people inside. The Railjack should be doing something! You could easily add some optional Railjack flair to any of the base mission types. Exterminate missions could count enemies inside and outside the Corpus ship. Defense missions could have you destroying reinforcements to reduce the enemies for the next wave. Orphix in particular could have a Murex appear that summons Sentient ships to fight!

But no, everyone’s got to leave the Railjack, go inside and do the mission and then leave again. It’s especially weird because being forced together was somewhat removed from Grineer missions. The ‘friendship doors’ were removed because people didn’t like being forced together. But it’s back again in Corpus Railjack.

The secondary objectives are great.

Honestly, these are fine. Between the derelicts and tasks like destroying nearby ships and points of interest, they do the job. And, at the very least, they work like Grineer Railjack – players can split themselves up if they wish. Sure, the rewards are pretty meh most of the time. You often only get relics. But you can easily send someone off to grab the cache, or simply just ignore them.

That being said, the fact that derelicts/secondary areas are always marked does take some of the mystery away from them.

There’s smaller reasons why they don’t mesh as well.

I feel like there’s more of a disconnect that’s not obvious. You’re jumping from space to a space ship and suddenly you got a different mission completely. In the Volatile mission, Cephalon Cy is still directing you, but the other missions don’t. For the Orphix game mode, Father of the Entrati immediately starts telling you what to do. In Defense and Exterminate, the Lotus is your director. Cephalon Cy has a single voice line that says that “the Lotus will take it from here” but that makes no sense either, because, well, surely Cy has some idea what’s going on with the Lotus?

And during these internal segments? Is your Railjack just sitting there? It’s invulnerable when everyone is inside the Corpus ships, but… how? It makes no sense!

It is an alright attempt to bring the two game modes together.

Everyone complained that Railjack was far too separated from Warframe in general. So Corpus Railjack is an attempt to combine normal Warframe gameplay with space ships. It’s… not too bad an attempt, really. But the whole Corpus Railjack scenario does leave something lacking.

Then again, it is still early days. Maybe we’ll get a second Railjack Retrofit further down the line…


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