100% Achievements in Warframe: DONE

Why do I do this to myself? What convinced me that I needed to get all 193 achievements in Warframe? I suppose, when you have everything else done in Warframe, you might as well? Either way, on a rather dull Thursday morning, when I was totally supposed to be working, I did it. I got the last Warframe achievement I needed, Race Ace.

With that out of the way, I can finally claim that I have more than one 100% game. Skyrim was an easy game to 100%. Warframe has taken me over 4000 hours. So, shall we have a recap of all of this?

If you’re an achievement hunter, Warframe’s not a good choice of game.

Gonna get to the point here, getting 100% achievements in Warframe was only possible for me since I was already a True Master. And being a True Master took me fucking forever. At the time, it was literally every weapon released in the game. As time goes on, this does get a little easier, since more and more weapons are added. But True Master still requires most of the game’s content, and hundreds of hours of farming, trading and more.

What does True Master have to do with this? Well, True Master is one of the bigger achievements in the game. And a lot of achievements have to be unlocked sequentially.

Warframe achievements are also buggy.

The only reason I ended up logging back into my second account is because my early achievements were tied to it. Luckily, I stopped playing on that account quite early on (literally at MR1) so the achievements I missed weren’t too bad, just ones unlocked from the start.

And if you’ve only ever played on the non-Steam version of Warframe, you’re basically screwed. If you’ve already completed the achievements in-game and then switch to the Steam version of Warframe, then you’ll only ever register new achievements from then on. Not really a problem at MR10 or below. A massive issue after that.

The achievements done on the second account though were pretty fun.

As I mentioned in my Phovos the Excalibur article, playing as a low MR player again is… interesting. Lacking all the well-used, potatoed and forma’d gear means I have to actually use a hint of skill. Which I totally did. Fighting the original Stalker was a rush, as was doing 20 waves of defense without someone like Khora doing all the work. I’ve never appreciated Terrify as an ability on Nekros.

The toughest part, ironically, was convincing someone to taxi me to Sedna. I didn’t need help doing the arena missions at all. Turns out, my Vectis was plenty good enough to kill the level 40 Grineer elite. The only problem was, well, actually finding them. Phovos the Excalibur lacks Enemy Radar or any similar mods, so all I could do was run around and hope I see the enemies. Kela De Thayme though was a pain in the butt, mostly because of the spinning buttons. That mission doesn’t scale at all, so two people have to press all the buttons. However, the nice person who taxied me helped with that. And thanks to Hydroid Prime and his bubble, the orbital strikes didn’t bother me.

The only other tedious task was killing 150 security cameras. I REALLY should have done the spy missions on Phobos, because HOLY SHIT THERE ARE A LOT OF CAMERAS THERE. Instead, I just did Unda on Venus, another spy mission, averaging about 5-10 cameras per mission.

Would not recommend.

Overall though, I would not recommend playing Warframe for its achievements. There are so many of them that require so much work. Not just the True Master achievement either. The K-Drive achievements alone are long and tedious. Well, aside from the achievement to fall off your K-Drive, fall 250m and land in the icy blue goop of the Orb Vallis. But if you’ve nearly got all the achievements anyway? Might as well go for them. If only so you can experience being a newbie again.

Then again, most people would probably just use a Steam Achievement Manager or something like that. But that’s completely not the point of this article.

I just have to hope that we don’t get too many more achievements added any time soon. Of course, knowing my luck, there’s gonna be a “kill a queenpin” achievement just around the corner…


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  • May 17, 2021 at 3:08 am

    Wooo! That is a huge accomplishment, congrats!!


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