Somehow a Team Rocket-Themed Event is Bad?

Followers of the Daily SPUF will probably recognize two things about me. Firstly, I use a yellow Volt a lot. But secondly, I really like Team Rocket fights in Pokemon GO. There is something cathartic about kicking grunts in the groin and stealing their Pokemon. Wait… that’s what they’re supposed to be doing to us. Either way though, grunt fights are fun, and I always enjoy events that spawn more of them.

However, the Luminous Legends Y event has me questioning that.

Yveltal flying over a blood moon
Yveltal flying over a blood moon

Somehow, this Team Rocket event is bad.

Actually, that sentence is wrong in two ways. Firstly, this isn’t specifically a Team Rocket event. It’s supposed to be a Dark type event, with the release of Yveltal, a new Legendary. But Team Rocket are always included whenever there’s a Dark type event, because they’re dark and evil and all that too. Most of the spawns however are a very heavy mixture of both Dark and Fairy types. Jigglypuff is as common as Murkrow in this event. On top of that, Swirlix and Spritzee are both common spawns, despite us having had two weeks of them in the prior event.

To make matters worse, the dark types that are spawning are… kinda normal, common spawns. Alolan Rattata has been around for a while, Poochyena was a common spawn in Season of Celebration and Carvahna spawns near water anyway. There are no wild Sneasels, no chance at wild Deinos and Larvitar is non-existent. Okay, sure, Larvitar is a ground type, but that’s not an excuse! Swablu isn’t a dragon type yet it’s in pretty much every dragon event!

Even the eggs are bad. We went from a 1/6 chance at Gible to the best Pokemon in 7km eggs being Sneasel.

However, there is a VERY heavy focus on Team Rocket, as seen in the limited research for this event.

Except the timed research is bad too.

This timed research is completely focused on Team Rocket. It has seven stages, but two of those stages consist of fighting the Team Rocket Leaders. You also have to purify a ton of Pokemon. Stage 2 makes you purify 7 Pokemon and stage 4 makes you purify 8 Pokemon. But for all these tasks, the rewards are mediocre. The reward for beating Arlo, Cliff and Sierra? A Murkrow. That spawns everywhere in this event.

The research doesn’t even help with the heavy stardust and time costs. No Rocket Radars are rewarded, and the stardust rewards are a pitiful 5,000 stardust at the end. Despite the fact that you have to spend a minimum of 23,000 stardust to get to the 5,000 stardust reward. Sure, there’s a Deino at the end, but it’s a LOT of work for one Pokemon.

I suppose at least we can TM Frustration away. At least for this week.

The better parts are ironically fairy typed.

This event does have some good parts, but that’s not until the second half of this event. Galarian Zigzagoon will have a chance to be shiny, and we’ll also be getting a new Eeveelution. Sylveon will finally be arriving, although its evolution will be tied to the buddy system.

Everything else though is just mediocre. Yeah, sure, we’re getting Rocket Balloons every 3 hours. This means we can get a Rocket Radar once a day. But at the same time, the Team Rocket Leaders have had their Pokemon change too. While Sierra with Sneasel isn’t too bad, Cliff with Seedot is kinda lame. And Arlo with Venonat is absolutely pointless since shiny Venonat’s only difference are its eyes.

Honestly? The only good thing, for me at least, is Houndour being a common spawn. I need XL Candy for my shiny Houndoom. And having lots of grunts to fight is nice. But everything else just sucks.


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