A Few Changes


With the world of Team Fortress 2 being such a huge universe with so many different aspects, it’s difficult to cover all of them at once with a single article featured a day. In addition, we’ve been unable to try some new ideas we’ve had since we don’t want to disrupt the many articles that we have just waiting to be published.

Thus, The Daily SPUF is announcing a new initiative: columns.

We’re inviting you, the loyal readers and contributors, to think of something interesting to cover within the world of TF2 and write for us regularly about that topic. Interested in helping us understand why keys are deflating so much right now? We’re interested to hear what’s happening in the economy! (Well, some of us.) How about some information on the current Division One teams duking it out for the championship. Sure, if you’re talking about ETF2L and competitive TF2! The ideas are endless, and we’re interested in hearing what you can bring to The Daily SPUF. Contact one of the staff members if you’re interested in writing a column.

Also, as most of you have probably noticed… we have a new theme. This theme was brought on as part of the new column initiative, and we hope to improve its appearance very soon. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and patience as we bring it up to a higher standard of quality.

Thanks as always for reading The Daily SPUF!

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