The Three Halloween Bosses And… You?

Al Halloween Bosses.
Sorry Skeleton King you’re not a boss.

As my favourite holiday being Halloween (Christmas is my second favourite.) I’ve decided why not make an article about TF2’s Halloween Bosses: The Horseless Headless Horsemann, Monoculus (Latin for One Eye) And Merasmus (Latin for Decaying).


The Horseless Headless Horsemann in CP_Manor_Event on Capture Point A.

So why not start with the first boss added in 2010: The Horsemann.

His base health is 3,000 with an additional 200 per player (His official Minimum is 5,000 while is Official Maximum is 7,500.)
His speed is 400 Hammer Units (That of a scout.) attack range is 200 units.
His Scare Radius is 500 units.
He’s easily taken down to half-health with ease with a Kritz’d Brass Beast Heavy.
He’s unaffected by Sandman balls, the Flying guillotine, Jarate, afterburn and Natasha’s slowdown effect.

There is a way to get him into a loop to kill him easily but that’s done at Point C (Inside the manor.) Your reward for killing him is The Horseless Headless Horsemann’s Head. Killing him with your melee scores you the Unusual Haunted Metal Scrap.

On to Monoculus.

“everyone just thinks I’m some one-eyed bloody monster…”

Base Health is 8,000. with an Extra 400 per player.
Base Health at Level 2 is 17,000 with an Extra 3,000 Per Level.
He shoots eyeball crit rockets. (Eyekets anyone?)
He also teleports to a random predetermined spot every 10-25 seconds. leaving a portal behind to take you to…

The Underworld where all the souls ended up until the Scream Fortress 2013 Event was shipped.

The Underworld.

You take damage for every 0.8 seconds you remain in the Underworld. The damage increases every 10 seconds until you die. Escaping the Underworld grants you a speed boost, Ubercharge, and Crits for 8 seconds.

Your Reward for defeating Monoculus nets you… The Monoculus, which is Monoculus himself in the form of a Hat. (it’s a big eyeball replacing your head so you can stare into people’s souls with it.)

Entering the book Monoculus spawns when he dies takes you to…

The Loot Island of The Underworld.

Loot Island.

Witch is a Skull with an Eye Patch (Arrrr!). Inside the Skull contains The Bombinomicon. It is a Badge. With it on you EXPLODE upon death. Not useful in conjunction with the Dead Ringer (or in my case: Ringer Dead!).

I should point out that staying down there too long causes the island to explode with you and anyone else on it.

The Bombinomicon


Last but not least, everyone’s “Favourite” Wizard room mate:



this is what Merasmus would look like if you were in direct X 8 or disabled the “$Selfillum” line in his spectral .vmts



Original Base Health was 50,000 with an Additional 5,000 Per Player. This was changed to 67,500 Base Health with 5,000 Per Player, meaning he could have over 122,000 Health! Now he has a Base Health of 33,750 and 2,500 per player.

He will Hide for every 45% of his health he looses.
Defeating him earns you…. Nothing. you get it from:

Skull Island. A skull with a Ram Skull on it.

Skull Island. Inside this is…

“Ahh. Merasmus’ skull hat. That’ll look good on you,” -Bombinomicon

Merasmus’ hat. It’s odd because Merasmus’ staff should have been given to you if you killed him. It would have been a much nicer prize. There’s a mod on GameBanana that turns the frying pan into his staff.


That’s all for now! Until next Halloween, Ladies and Gentlemenn.

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