Medi Guns VS Machine

Don't feel sorry for Stock, he's powerful everywhere but here.
Don’t feel sorry for Stock, he’s powerful everywhere but here.

The Stock Medi Gun is considered one of the most powerful weapons in the game, despite the fact that it doesn’t do anything damage-wise. After a nice 40 or so seconds, you get invulnerability for eight seconds, which can only be ruined by knock back and things like that. It’s a force to be reckoned with, a force that can only be countered by sheer power.

Unless that power happens to be hordes of robots.

It seems as though the Medi Gun is actually the weakest Medi Gun to use in Mann VS Machine!

The Kritzkrieg is considered the be-all and end-all of Medi Guns, particularly with the addition of the Projectile Shield. As Mann VS Machine consists of destroying robots, generally as quickly as possible, being able to give a patient critical hits regularly is incredibly useful. The Kritzkrieg’s offensive capabilities, along with the Medic himself, were originally quite weak as Medics couldn’t protect their team mates well, but this is pretty much negated with the new healing upgrades, particularly the shield.

Moving on, let’s compare the Medi Gun’s MvM functions to that of its closest counterpart, the Quick Fix. While their Ubercharges do very similar things, making it hard to kill you and a patient of your choice, the Quick Fix excels at keeping people alive, even when they’re dead. The faster heal rate means you can switch between patients with ease and it also makes reviving people easier even during the first round. The Quick Fix also has a faster charge rate, meaning you can crank out Ubers more often, and the invulnerability to knock back is wonderful when fighting Force-a-Nature Scouts or explosive classes. Let’s not forget that the Quick Fix makes it easier to get to the front lines when teleporters are down, as you can heal faster classes. The only downside to the Quick Fix is that it’s weak to critical hits, but crit resistance helps here.

Even the Vaccinator gets a better time than the Medi Gun. In normal gameplay, you’re fighting against varied enemies, maybe a Scout and a Pyro at once, or an Engineer and his sentry or a Demoman, Soldier and Heavy all attacking at once. In Mann VS Machine, each wave consists of mini waves, and these mini waves generally consist of the same or similar robots. You’re generally only fighting Scouts at once or maybe Demomen and Soldiers. Even the larger robots are generally guarded by similar enemies, which can be taken out before concentrating on the bigger threat. The Vaccinator also gives you critical resistance for almost free, making Snipers much less of a pain. Its main downside is the lack of melee resistance, something that no Medi Gun can provide. But the biggest use the Vaccinator has is its mini-Ubers. No more do you need to waste a whole Uber to revive your team.

So it turns out, the Medi Gun just can’t compete. Invulnerability isn’t as devastating when everyone can buy Uber upgrades for very little.

Oh well. It makes a change that the Medi Gun isn’t all-powerful.


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One thought on “Medi Guns VS Machine

  • March 22, 2014 at 7:16 pm

    Medic, don’t forget that the QF is also strong against crits in another way, on uber, the Medic gets overheal too. Add slower decay, more overheal and quicker ubers and the Medic will rarely die. The QF is the Medigun of living, the Kritz is the Medigun of killing and Geoff, eh, I mean the Vac is the Medigun of surviving. A nice triage, even if the Stock Medigun doesn’t have a place in it.

    QF and Kritz are still my Mediguns of choice in MvM.


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