What’s your dream unusual?

Dear Aaby, what’s your dream unusual? Question by one of Medic’s siblings.

An unusual high five.
An unusual high five.

Medic: Ummm, I’m not sure. While I’ve always gone on about how much I like the Otolaryngologist’s Mirror, my dream unusual would actually be a Das Hazmattenhatten with the Spellbound or Arcadia effect. Out of all the recent Halloween effects, those really stand out. A second choice, which would never exist, is orbiting Medic emblems. I say that though, I love my bubbly mirror, despite me being neither a doctor nor drunk.

aabicus: For many of the reasons stated in this article, I like Massed Flies as my favorite effect. So a flies medic hat was a no-brainer. I also love the Prussian Pickelhaube because it was my first hat, so you combine them and you get my “Anti-Headcrab Hat.”

Lookit how cute these guys are! Picture was taken years ago in a thread that's been deleted; if you took it, let me know and I'll credit you!
Lookit how cute these guys are! Picture was taken years ago by stephy, thanks again man.

But because “the one I already own” is a lame answer, instead I’ll tell you what unusual effect I’d add if I had the chance: Massed Fireflies. They’d look like the current fly but they’d glow orange or yellow. You’ve got to admit that’d look seriously cool swarming around you!

iGamr: I’d have to say Aces High Soldier’s Stash. Sadly, it’s not a hat we’ll ever see due to the item’s retirement, but it would certainly be a match made in heaven. It’s not just about the perfect matching of the hat’s card and the effect’s card, either.  By itself, the Soldier’s Stash is already a spectacular hat, adding to the Soldier’s default helmet without being particularly garish (and having a nice compatibility with the zombie skin, as the helmet underneath will still become dirty and stained, which I think adds a nice consistency you wouldn’t get with other hats). The Aces High effect, by the same token, is a nice effect that isn’t particularly loud or distracting, having a reasonable-looking particle (and the only one to have team-based coloring). Together, they would make a rather classy Unusual that doesn’t cry for attention like certain overrated Unusuals do. If I was able to get my hands on an Aces High Soldier’s Stash, I would swap my gold paints and yellow Die Job spells over to team-based paints and Spectral Spectrum spells in a heartbeat.

Side Notes:

  1. For those who wish to cry foul and mention that we still have the Hat of Cards, yes, I’m already aware. However, while the Soldier’s Stash and Aces High effect both use the Ace of Spaces, the Hat of Cards uses 7 of diamonds and 2 of hearts for RED and 7 of clubs and 2 of spades for BLU. Therefor, it doesn’t match up on quite the same level.
  2. Despite the current impossibility of generating an Aces High Soldier’s Stash, a recent patch has opened up the possibility of wearing an Aces High Lucky Shot on top of a Soldier’s Stash, so if you liked the hat and were willing to settle for one non-hat cosmetic, that’s an option.

Brickinator: A Flamboyant Flamenco- probably with either Misty Skull or Burning Flames. I’m a big fan of the Day of the Dead Pyro set and that would complete my life. I could die happy.


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