“Mirrored Maps” event results!

Picture by Gen. DeGroot
Picture by Gen. DeGroot

That event was, in my personal opinion, one of our best yet! Ultimately Team 1 swept in a 3-1 victory, losing only Lwobtsud to a ninja backcap by team 2 spy John Caveson. But the real point was to try some mind-bending maps that challenged the hundreds of hours we collectively have on the classics, and I saw more than one person bump into a wall during the event.

Kip‘s streams of the event are posted on Youtube for those who’d like to rewatch the event. Thanks Kip and KobeKun for casting the event!

And if you missed it, don’t worry, There’s actually a second series of maps we might run someday. And we have other events planned for the near future! Stay tuned!


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