Eyelander Eyestravaganza results!

The winning Screenshot! Picture by AdolfKirby.
The winning Screenshot! Picture by AdolfKirby.

Eyelander Eyestravaganza has ended, and everyone had a blast! Ultimately, AdolfKirby took first, VenomousPastry took second, and Lord Yimzo took third! There were a LOT of heads rolling around in the end, and a number of people had moments of glory as a single beheading granted them 100+ heads in one go.

The much-hypothesized event map turned out to be Turbine, which gave all of us a chance to try out Valve’s optimizing patches. Of special note is the little cart that allows anyone to reach that medium healthpack hiding on that ledge near the flag spawns, thousands of players will be in debt to that prop as time goes on.

If you want to view the event, KobeKun recorded his POV and you can watch it here! Special mention goes to InstantMuffin who made an almost complete plugin for the event, with a whitelist and the banning of non-Eyelander damage sources and all sorts of great additions. I plan on having a sequel event just so that we can give that plugin a whirl.

Thanks for playing everyone, and congrats to the winners!


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