Subclass Birthday Bash Results!

Picture by freeanarchy
Picture by freeanarchy

Danthefinn’s Birthday Bash is over, and boy was that fun! I got to play Battle Medic on some hilariously kooky maps, and to my amazement, I found that I really liked the Syringe Gun. It’s actually a lot better then I thought at stacking up the damage if you just aim intelligently and know how to lead (and I think all that pulse-rifling in Loadout is what subconsciously prepared me for it). As someone who dropped a crossbow within minutes of playing TF2 and never looked back, this was quite a shock to discover.

But enough of that, you just want to see some videos of the action! Team 2 won pretty handily, quickly claiming rainbowrace, trainsawlaser and badwater_rainy, but we kept playing for funsies and had some dub-filled rounds on koth_wubwubwub, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite maps in all of Team Fortress 2.

Nimono posted and I downloaded his POV and I’m currently uploading them to youtube, but as I do that here’s a link to his demo files. Check this post soon for the links to the Youtube videos!


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