A couple of reasons to play TF2 around about now

I know the feeling. You kinda want to maybe play Team Fortress 2 but you just can’t bring yourself to click on the play button. Or maybe you’ve just grown bored of the game. Or maybe you haven’t played in ages and are just looking for a reason to come back. Well, good news everyone! This article should help you find the strength to press play and start kicking (or healing) ass!

Reason the First
There’s tons of hats. Tons. Tons and tons and tons. The last two years alone have doubled the number of hats you can wear. And it’s not just hats, there’s beards, scarfs, coats, gloves, shoes and even animals. Yep, each class has their own pet that they can wear in a pocket if they want to. Multiple pets if you’re Engineer or Sniper. Variations of the same thing if you’re Medic. On top of this, many restrictions have been loosened, meaning you can wear a beard, a pet and a coat now, rather than being restricted to just a hat and a cosmetic.

Reason the Second
RD_Asteroid is awesome. RD_Asteroid is a new map that’s being worked on as we speak. RD stands for Robot Destruction and the goal of the map is two-fold: destroy robots to capture power cores. Capture the giant power core deep within the enemy team’s base to steal a crap-load of points and generally be awesome. It’s a lot like Capture the Flag, except done right. Remember those stalemates on 2fort? They’re few and far between on RD_Asteroid. The map currently isn’t finished yet and changes are made in pretty much every update. It’s worth going and having a look now. When it’s finished, it will be beautiful. Plus RD_Asteroid could be tied to an update. Oh and there’s PL_CactusCanyon, but everyone kinda forgot about that.

Reason the Third
There’s actually been quite a few updates recently. Not major updates, we’re still lacking in those. Nope, there’s been a bunch of small, bug-fixing updates. Slowly slowly, Team Fortress 2 is getting slightly less buggy. It’s only been, what, 7 years? But it’s getting there! These small patches are also interesting to follow because they occasionally contain weapon tweaks (like the Gunslinger nerfs) and the many, many changes to RD_Asteroid.

Reason the Fourth
Earlier this year, we had the Love and War update, which, alongside weapons, gave us the amazing Expiration Date short. It’s a 15 minute movie based off RED team’s antics, Very much worth watching. Even if you don’t want to play Team Fortress 2 right now, it’s worth going and watching that video. There’s also the comic series, Team Fortress Comics, which recently released its 4th issue. The comics are really good too, but the wait is horrible. And if you’re confused by all this, there’s always the Catch Up Comic.

Reason the Fifth
End of the Line is coming out soon. What’s End of the Line? Another awesome video, this time made by the community. There’s also rumours of new weapons, a new map with a special gimmick and not tons of hats as always. When is this coming out? Soon.

Reason the Sixth
Taunts. It used to be that there weren’t many taunts. You’d have your default taunts, your weapon-based taunts, High Five, Schadenfreude, The Director’s Cut and the Meet the Medic taunt (which is awesome), all of which were restricted to you and your team mates. But with the Love and War update, not only can you high-five enemy players, but you can also play Rock Paper Scissors with them, dance with them, do backflips with them and conga until your heart stops, your legs fall off and your feet turn to dust (or you get blown up by a rocket). Each class apart from Heavy has their own unique taunt, most of which look great. There’s also unusual taunts if you like showing off. Still no Sitting Pyro taunt though.

Reason the Seventh
Halloween is on the way. Scream Fortress is one of the biggest TF2 updates of the year, and considering how great last year’s Scream Fortress event was, with the gifts and the spell books and the vast improvements on Hightower, this year is probably going to be amusing. The TF2 workshop is already filled with old and new Halloween items. Either way, Halloween means free stuff. Free stuff is good.

Reason the Eighth
Team Fortress 2 is fun. It has its flaws, it has its problems, but you can’t deny it, Team Fortress 2 is unique. And more importantly, fun.

So there you have it. A bunch of reasons to get back into Team Fortress 2. I originally promised two and you got eight. So what are you waiting for? Go play!


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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