Competitive Demoknights

There has been a large deal of discussion regarding Demoknight as of recently, most of which stems from the recent changes to the Tide Turner, overall the Tide Turner got people to take Demoknight seriously as a both a threat and an ally.

Now there are multiple competitive formats in TF2. First up, Highlander, which is a 9v9 format where classes are restricted to one of each class per team. Next we have the 6v6 format which supports up to two of a class, (excluding a few people, who are limited to one) and involves dual Scouts, Soldiers and a single Demoman and Medic. Off classing is done as needed, to fit the teamss situation. Of course, in sixes Demoman is restricted to one per team due to the raw power of having 16 stickies in a game composed of only 12 players. The same problem arises in the 4v4 format, where two Demomen would mean 2 stickies per player.

What do these all have in common? They all ostracize Demoknight from the game mainly to preserve the role of the stock Demoman and his stickies. This is incredibly unfair to any Demoknight player who would like to sharpen both their skills and their swords on a competitive battlefield. If you main any of the other nine classes or gameplay styles there is a place for you somewhere in competitive TF2 but if you enjoy and invest your time in mastering Demoknight you are all out of luck.

The solution to this is so simple as well, you could allow Demoknights as an off class in sixes (and possibly 4v4) that can replace either a roamer Soldier or possibly a Scout. I would also suggest a few tweaks to Highlander but that is a subject for another time.

The main focus is Demoknight players should be allowed an opportunity to play competitively, I have had the privilege of playing against some of the greatest Demoknights in the TF2 community and it baffles me that they are not allowed to play in a legitimate competitive game.

The main problem is Demoknight takes an important part of the team. A regular Demoman with stickies is a necessity because of his role as the main damage dealer that can make or break a push for either team. The issue is Demoknight is not a powerhouse like the stock Demoman, he suits more of a roamer/ pick class hybrid role, with his own forms of mobility and attack that no other class can replicate.

As SPUF’s own aabicus once said “There’s nothing actually wrong with Demoknight on a class matchup perspective, the problem is that you’d need to waste your only Demoman spot to get one. A third knight would of course have its uses in chess, but not if it takes up the queen spot.” Many competitive players are constantly saying how they wish more people would play competitively but the formats are designed in a way that prevents players who would like to play Demoknight at a competitive level.

In the end it’s not about how viable Demoknight is or is not, it’s about giving the players who enjoy the subclass a chance to prove themselves, that’s all I ask for.

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