The Unbalanced Infinite-Hitscan-Range-Man

Walking along Frontier, trying to actually do the objective, and then bam. Sniper headshots you from across the map, and proceeds to taunt, because “Snipin’ gud job m8.” I’m sure everybody who has ever played TF2 has experienced this pain at least once. My opinion has always been that the Australian Camper Van Man has been unbalanced, and some people could argue that he isn’t unbalanced because his weakness is close range, well heads up, the Jaratewacka combo exists. OK, enough talk, let’s get into why he’s unbalanced.

Pictured above: Sniper at his best
Pictured above: Sniper at his best

1. Sniper effectively counters everybody

Really the only class that moves fast enough on the ground to have a chance at dodging a Sniper is a Scout, and even then, good luck, because good Snipers can track movements, or you’ll get headshot anyways because lag compensation or some noise like that. Sniper can easily headshot almost every class, because the only two that move faster than him are the Medic and Scout, and every other class either moves the same speed as the Sniper or even moves slower, making you even easier to kill. “Thanks for standin’ still, wanker!”

2. Crocodile Mundy has almost no counter

Spy is meant to be Sniper’s counter, but really, he isn’t. Spy is countered by awareness (and Razorback). If you’re aware that Spies exists in this realm, you’re countering Spies. All of them. The only true counter to a Sniper is a better Sniper, and even then, being a better Sniper doesn’t mean you’ll kill them, because there is a counter to the better Snipers. Enter: Danger Shield. The item that allows Snipers is survive those pesky (soul incinerating) 150 damage quickscopes. A better Sniper counters a bad Sniper, but the bad Sniper also counters that better Sniper. I think I just created some sort of hell-like infinite loop.

3. Killing a good Sniper is almost always a suicide mission

Generally speaking, Sniper hang around their spawn and around Sentry nests, which means that they’re easily protected, and heavily, at that. There’s always the good ol’ “Sticky Jumper + Caber” insta-death, but I got headshot right out of the air once while doing that on Upward because a Sniper was just hanging out by a Sentry wearing his pink/lime green eye-sores of hats. Take note that the Sniper was by a Sentry. I really wanted to kill this guy.

4. Sniper has a sort of shield at long ranges

Think of it this way: Usually, from where a Sniper is standing, he can kill you, and unless you’re also a Sniper, you can’t kill him. The open distance between you and the Piss-Man acts as a shield for him. As I’ve said before, even if you can get close to the Sniper, Jaratewacka exists. Not to mention random crits and the infamous “Click once in close range with the Huntsman and instantly get a headshot” thing.

OK, end of rant about Rage-Inducing-Quickscope-Man.  He is generally unbalanced, and I would honestly prefer a server full of Minis to a server full of Snipers. Valve is probably never going to nerf Sniper, because people would complain that quickscopes are centered around the Medic’s health, and Sniper requires the most raw aim of any class in TF2, but hey, a man can dream…


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