Scout and Tracer, there’s a new annoying speedster around…

Good day, everyone! The Might of Demacia is here once more to bring some good, or maybe bad news! This week, or last week, or maybe the week before, a new champion was announced, who will soon be joining the League of Legends! Yes, you heard me, another one. This one though is just what the doctor ordered, assuming the doctor wanted an annoying little time-travelling cocky bastard.

Look at this cocky little bastard.
Look at this cocky little bastard.

The new champion is Ekko, currently dubbed as The Boy Who Shattered Time. Not nearly as impressive as The Might of Demacia. He is a young speedster mage assassin champion. He hails from the city of Zaun, a cesspit of a city which experiments on pretty much anything. Your Medic person would find himself very much at home there. Personality-wise, he is basically the Scout with the ability to rewind and go back in time. Ekko is also incredibly racist towards anyone from Piltover. No idea why, Piltover have always been staunch allies of Demacia and don’t go around experimenting on anything that moves and dumping vast amounts of toxic waste into their river.

Anyway, this Ekko kid is as cocky as it gets. And he can manipulate time in short bursts. Your friend the Scout would probably fight over Tracer with him. They all fill the same role too – hit and run assassin person. Unfortunately for the rest of us, only one of those is restricted by the forward motion of time.

Speaking of restrictions, Ekko does not seem to have any. I have had a quick peek at his abilities, and it seems like the Institute of War decided that this kid was going to break pretty much anything. Yet when I asked for a shorter cooldown on my ultimate, I had to wait years.

Ekko’s passive is basically a better version of Skarner’s and Braum’s passive, with a slow and massive damage, rather than a brief stun and small bonus damage.

His first ability, Timewinder, is basically a better version of Sivir’s Boomerang attack – it does similar things but also has a slow built in to it.

His second ability, Parallel Convergence, has both a passive and a spell. The passive ability does even more damage to people who are injured (essentially kicking them while they’re down). The active ability creates a huge dome after a 3 second delay, acting like Soraka’s Equinox, which silences people then roots anyone inside of it after a certain amount of time. Entering Ekko’s dome will slow you down by quite a lot. If Ekko enters the dome, he stuns anyone inside it. AND he gets a shield. This dome covers the entire lane. Soraka’s little circle is about as big as Nautilus – who isn’t nearly as big as an entire lane.

Ekko’s third ability is essentially the same as Ezreal’s dash ability, except that the damaging part of the dash involves Ekko teleporting towards his target player, rather than having a small bit of damage going towards the nearest enemy.

Ekko’s ultimate is the most unique part of his kit. But it’s basically Tracer’s rewinding ability on steroids. You know, Overwatch Tracer. I bet she’s thrilled. Plus Ekko heals from using this ultimate. Oh, and when he reappears, he deals tons of damage. I can hear Tracer stomping over as we speak.

Story-wise, Ekko isn’t that interesting either. He’s a street urchin who built a time machine who feels guilty because he sent his friend out to steal some food and he was killed by someone from PiltoverĀ and Ekko couldn’t save him. That’s pretty much it.

He just seems annoying.

Wait. What?

He insulted Demacia?



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