Medic Speculates Again

I’ll be frank here, I’m a little obsessed with the TF Comic series. I really like most of it. I was not a fan of how Sniper ended up as a badly written Superman parody, since his now foster parents were REALLY nice people based on the humans in Courage the Cowardly Dog. I miss that show. But for the longest of time, there has been a lot of silence and speculation based on whatever’s happened in the past. Now we have a few more tidbits coming to light, such as an actual possible release date for issue 5. Come on, issue 4 was in October 2014.

So yes, a tidbit has come to light. I’m not talking about Miss Pauling being gay, I’ve already gone over that. We even made a parody post about our FAQ page being gay, although we failed to mention in which way the poor, unappreciated page bends. You don’t want to know. I’ve accidentally walked in on the FAQ page’s orgies. It’s not nice.

I went completely off topic there. Anyway, yes, we were given one other teaser.

A giant "fuck you" to Sniper mains everywhere.
A giant “fuck you” to Sniper mains everywhere.

I was going to change the caption there, but that’s basically what that is – Sniper, lying on an operating table. With Medic standing over him looking sad.

Now, there’s a lot of stuff you can speculate from this. The first thing being whether Sniper lives or not. As much as I hate Sniper, for my own health I hope that he makes it. If he doesn’t, then perhaps there will be some sort of Deus Ex Machina thing that saves him. Probably in the form of Australium. Or we find BLU’s secret cloning device. I don’t know. He probably won’t perma-die though, because Sniper is much more popular than Medic, outside of SPUF, and hasn’t yet betrayed his team.

But Sniper being dead or nearly dead isn’t what I find interesting here. It’s two things: their current location and the look on Medic’s face.

That expression is rather curious. You see, Medic has never really been someone who genuinely cares about his team. He’s got more important things in mind – like experimenting on them. Scientific curiosity is what drives Medic mostly. Really, the only reason he stuck around during Expiration Date was in the hope that he’d find a cure since he’d die too. And a giant bread monster is a threat to his team mates, who are the results of years of experimentation. So maybe Medic’s expression is a look of genuine sadness.

Nah, it’s probably guilt. He feels bad for ditching his old experiments for new ones. Chances are, Heavy will come along and remind him why he took the job in the first place. Guilt is a powerful feeling.

The other thing, which I discussed for a while with a buddy of mine called Bacxaber (who I swear has a PHD in video game speculation and theories), is the unusual setting.

If Medic was still working with the TFC mercenaries, he probably would have been given a proper lab. They are being paid by Gray Mann, who is pretty desperate and has already shown that he’ll bend to their needs – so giving Medic a high tech lab would be a simple task. But that’s not where Medic is. He’s somewhere dark. Surrounded by crates. Why would there be crates hanging around? At the same time though, Medic’s got some rather standard equipment of his – he’s got some nice shiny lights and his mounted Medi Gun – his normal one, not the Quick Fix. Clearly they’re not in any old warehouse, they’re in some sort of back up place. Perhaps Medic has been planning for all these years too?

It’s worth thinking about.

Alternatively, none of this ever actually happens and everyone turns out to be a figment of Pyro’s imagination.

While all of this is just wild guesswork, it goes to show how much you can speculate from one image, particularly from something as crazy as TF2.


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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