The Tough Break Update – New TF2 Update – 17/12/15

A new TF2 update has been released. I assume this is the winter update we’ve all been expecting, although there is a distinct lack of genuine wintery things apart from the end of the article. Anyway, here’s the Tough Break Update.

Click to go to the update page.
Click to go to the update page.

As of publishing, it hasn’t been released yet, but that ain’t stopping me from giving you a vague lowdown of all this stuff.

Looks like standard stuff at first. It’s a new contract thing, just like Gun Mettle, costing $5.99 and introducing 26 new contracts, which I hope have been integrated with the old ones so we’ve got some variety. Valve have also introduced the ability to loan weapons. This was already somewhat a feature, you could test out one weapon a week at the Mann Co. store, but this new loaning system allows you to borrow weapons so you can complete contracts. Methinks this might be leading up to a similar system for competitive.

There’s also the standard bunch of stuff in a cosmetic case. But no one cared about cosmetic cases, it’s all about skins.

New contracts mean new weapon skins. There’s four new styles, two of which are locked away in cases for us to spend more money on opening. One of them is based on Pyrovision, which means that rainbow coloured weapons are a thing now. These are locked away in Pyrovision cases, but that still hasn’t stopped the existence of a rainbow grenade launcher. The other themes are much more bland, it’s clear as day what will be the most expensive weapons. No new weapons though, all the same reskins as last time. Shame, because I want a rainbow syringe gun.

On top of this, it looks like the naughty crates and festive weapons are coming back as well, as teased on the bottom of the update page.

But there’s more to this than a bunch of contracts. There’s balance changes too! Mostly nerfs to Demoknight and the Loose Cannon, and fixes for weapons. Spy got some stuff fixed. Heavy got some melee buffs. Pyro got airblast fixed to not be stupid, and gets health back when extinguishing team mates, as well as more overall damage and a reason to not use the Degreaser. The Cleaner’s Carbine now has a Crikey meter, matching that of Pyro’s MMMPH and Soldier’s banners, dealing minnicrits when full and activated.

None of that is important though.

There are Medic changes.

The Vaccinator is less crap. The Crossbow and Amputator give Uber when healing. You get increased regen when healing hurt enemies. The Quick-Fix got the nerf I’ve been suggesting for it for ages.

Actual, real Medic changes.

*runs around screaming with arms flailing*


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