A little heart to heart

With all my assignments and upcoming mid-terms, as well as a workload designed to produce the best graduates by killing off whoever that can’t survive working 18 hours a day, I wasn’t going to write an article this weekend. However, one day while lurking on the Daily SPUF post on … well, SPUF, I saw this:

I realized, after a bunch of hat-related posts, I didn’t really introduce who I was aside from being a hat-loving TF2 player, or just a stereotypical TF2 player to most people. Sorry about that, I suppose that’s kinda rude. However, before I do that, I suppose I should address the giant Ubered elephant in the room that’s wrecking the place and will probably never die: no, I am not Medic. I realize people probably want some proof that I’m not her, so here is it:

Medic and I in the same room at the same time. There. Done. Proved it. Nailed it. And now this will never come up again.

And now to address the other elephant in the room. There is a pretty simple reason why Medic doesn’t know who I am: I’m not from SPUF.

As to how a random schmuck like me ended up here, well…


I started out in TF2 about a month after the MvM update, but only really bothered to get into the TF2 community much later. It was some time after that when I first came across The Daily SPUF, when it was still on blog.spuf.info and I still have no idea that SPUF exists. I believe I was looking for some info about weapons and came across an article by aabicus. SCUD had already roared into life back then and sort of drown out SPUF’s presence.

I remember binge-reading the articles while on the bus to school, but slowly stopped reading after I finished reading through all the articles written before I first came across this site. It sort of dropped out of my mind until Medic made an announcement about spuf.org on r/tf2.

I got back to reading through the articles and enjoyed them as much as I did before. But this time, I want to start writing, partly because of this article by aabicus. Some of the games I like are TF2, Minecraft, Serious Sam 3: BFE (Still haven’t beaten it yet, stupid Kleer swarm…) and Just Cause 2. And of all of them, I suppose TF2 is the easiest one to write articles on. I’m not that competent in the game, nor am I good at theorycrafting, and honestly I have nothing to offer on the gameplay side of things. But I do like hats, which is how I ended up writing about TF2 cosmetics here.

And that is all.

I suppose as a mystery story, The Identity of Medicinal Warlock will be critically panned by anyone with the slightest ounce of standard. The mystery person turns out to be some random person that was never introduced or set up in some form, and the story didn’t go anywhere after that. It would’ve been so much better as a story if after six months and a lot of buildup it’s revealed the Medicinal Warlock is actually a split personality of Medic, who wakes up when Medic sleeps and write those articles and is also a Robin Hood-esque figure who robbed the rich and help the poor.

After all that rambling which I have no idea where it is leading to, I just have one last thing to say:


I’ve been looking around trying to get into SPUF, and there’s nothing. All I got was a post saying how Valve may be trying to funnel everyone into SCUD, which is like closing down the public swimming pool and open up the sewage treatment facility for people to swim in. Granted, I’ve only been reading the Daily SPUF thread and I have personally read and participated in some of the worst threads on SCUD, but still. So yeah, can someone please OPEN THE DOOR IT’S FREEZING OUT HERE

6 thoughts on “A little heart to heart

  • March 2, 2017 at 11:01 am

    Oh MW, I know the feels. I’ve been trying to get into SPUF too, but I can’t, sad life. Come by my flamethrower-lit fire over here. At least you’re not alone.

    • March 3, 2017 at 1:12 am

      Aye, thanks mate.

  • March 2, 2017 at 8:27 pm

    I love your articles Warlock! TF2 is the Daily SPUF’s roots, and I miss the days when me and Medic were both avid players and we could just crank out articles on it and it alone. So it’s great to see someone keeping the original game represented on our front page, especially someone who adds his own images and covers a perspective we never really did, the thriving cosmetic community.

    Speaking of images, I wanted to ask do you create yours in SFM? They’ve always got great lighting and effects, like the snow in this article’s last picture and the glare from the Mask of The Shaman dutch shot.

    • March 3, 2017 at 1:16 am

      Thanks man! Yes, I made my pictures in SFM. Really sucks that the newer cosmetics doesn’t work with the old TF2 engine that SFM is using though.

  • March 3, 2017 at 1:20 am

    By the way, I did contact Steam Support about this. The lady replying to me first gave me a link to the disabled(?) registration page, then told me to post on SCUD instead when I told her that the doesn’t work.

  • March 3, 2017 at 5:57 am

    That’s a riot. Their default answer to anything is to post it to SPUF, but I guess she couldn’t for this one!


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