The Plains of Eidolon are Here!

The Plains of Eidolon update has arrived and is available for download for PC players of Warframe.

Set on Earth and accessed via the small town of Cetus, the Plains of Eidolon is a whole new way of playing Warframe. No more going back to your ship after every mission! Now you (and any squad of up to four people) can just wander around and do as you please, whether that’s slaughtering Grineer, hunting the local wildlife, mining for rare gems, going fishing or fighting massive adapting monsters which were responsible for both the downfall of the Orokin empire and the creation of the Warframes.

Not only that, but the Plains of Eidolon reworks the Focus system (unlocked from the Second Dream) and makes gameplay as the Operator potentially far more interesting. Because playing as a space kid before this update is tedious and boring and horrible and most people hate it. Hopefully that will no longer be the case.

As well as a whole 2 km2 area to explore, the Plains of Eidolon comes with a new Warframe called Gara, complete with an array of sharp, glass-based abilities. There are also two new weapon sets, a Grineer gun and blade, and a glass weapon set to match Gara.

Keep in mind that this is a huge update and tons of people are trying to download the game and get in the same time you are, so things may be a tad bumpy.

The console version is due next month. This is because the update needs approval from Microsoft and Sony before it can be pushed to live, but will come with many hotfixes and patches built in, meaning console players will have a much smoother experience.

See you on the plains, fellow Tenno!


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