The Sacrifice is Here..

“I HAVE MADE SACRIFICES, TENNO!” Vay Hek shouts at you whenever you visit Oro on Earth, in the Vay Hek Assassination mission. “ARE YOU READY FOR A SACRIFICE?” That line has basically echoed through the Warframe community ever since the Sacrifice was teased last Tennocon. The next Tennocon starts in July, they promised the Sacrifice would be out by then and now it’s out.

Update 23 is here, downloading as I speak. A whole 2GB worth of stuff. Somewhat close in size to the Plains of Eidolon, even though it’s apparently just a quest and a bunch of cosmetics and a new Warframe. A very sexy Warframe, some very nice cosmetics and a very, very mysterious quest. And most likely some other smaller things as well.

The Sacrifice is here
The Sacrifice is here. And it’s taking a while to download.

What’s actually in the Sacrifice? I have no idea. None. They have been INSANELY tight-lipped on all of this. Even a data mining thing a week or so ago didn’t actually reveal much, only things we kinda already knew. It’s been all very hush hush. Even the trailer, the 15 second trailer I stayed up until 1:30am to see on the PC Gamer segment of E3, was incredibly… confusing.

As far as we know, this involves Ballas and the Lotus, although from the teaser website and the promo code OLDFRIEND (which you can redeem in-game for an awesome ship cosmetic and a booster), this will probably involve Teshin as well. You know, that Conclave guy who was serving the Queens in the War Within. Something is going to be sacrificed. Or maybe something already has been sacrificed? The Sacrifice is touted as the end of a trilogy, closing or at least tying some of the ends off of the story that the Second Dream and the War Within started, but also going alongside the New Strange, Natah and Apostasy Prologue. This is going to be big. And mysterious. And no one knew up until now what was going on.

The rumours though, oooh they’ve been interesting. Everything from Umbra being the Warframe version of a Werewolf to the Lotus dying to Teshin being a sacrifice to people suggesting that we murder our own Operators (i.e. kill ourselves) to access a new shiny Warframe. Or, more likely, sacrificing a Warframe to get an Umbra one.

But now it’s here. And everyone is finally going to get Excalibur Umbra, the dark, edgy version of Excalibur Prime, who was locked away in the Founders pack and teased for a good three years. Three years! Although I’ve found it odd that recent media has just called him Umbra.

Maybe he’s not an Excalibur at all.

Who knows?

Red Text, the Cephalon that announces new updates in-game, told everyone to take our time. This is an important thing. We should all play the Sacrifice and take our time with it.

Well, not me anyway. I got work and shit to do. I can’t play this until this evening. I actually have a sacrificial Volt (not an Oberon like everyone else suggested) ready to go, fashionframed up and looking his best, just in case you need to sacrifice a Warframe to get Umbra.

Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see me playing the Sacrifice. If my screen recorder works.

Either way, I’m hyped! Hyped I tell you!


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