Rhyhorn Community Day – Not Enough Rhyhorns

Rhyhorn is low-key one of my favourite Pokemon. This is the Pokemon I voted for back in the “Community Day Voting Event” thingy back at the beginning of the year, after searching Pokestops for the task. When we were presented with the four choices – Rhyhorn, Machop, Vulpix or Dratini, Rhyhorn won by quite a lot. And on February 22nd 2020, Rhyhorn finally got a Community Day.

Now, Rhyhorn is a great Pokemon. Absolutely awesome. Sure, the Rhyhorn family is weak to Grass and Water, but it’s a strong, tanky Pokemon with a good combination of damage and bulk. More importantly, the Rhyhorn family in Pokemon Go is weather boosted in partly cloudy and clear weather. This means that they are harder to catch but have much, much higher CPs. The average Rhyhorn is about 600CP but it’s not uncommon to see a Rhyhorn that is 1000+CP. Evolving a Rhyhorn can easily give you a very high CP Pokemon. It’s a good way to get a 3000CP or higher Pokemon!

Rhyhorn Shiny Family
A family of shiny Rhyhorns

So Rhyhorn getting a community day event is well deserved and much wanted.

And to make things easier, Rhyhorn was updated to be closer to the “camera”. This meant that Rhyhorn was easier to catch. Which is great, because during the Community Day, Rhyhorn was weather-boosted for the entire time. The lowest CP Rhyhorn I saw was about 200CP. But the highest CP Rhyhorn I caught was a 1502CP monster with 96% IVs. No, none of us got that one as a shiny.

Unfortunately, we were plagued with non-Rhyhorn spawns.

The spawns of random, unwanted crap wasn’t great. Rhyhorn’s one of my favourite Pokemon so I wanted lots of them, but I was fighting waves of crap like Cacnea and Bidoof. It could have just been random bad luck, to be honest. Doesn’t make much sense though when Rhyhorn was weather boosted, since the weather is supposed to increase spawns. I think the fact that Rhyhorns overlapped each other made matters worse. At first glance, it looked like there were a lot of Rhyhorns, but once you’d caught them all, you’d end up with three.

Of course, we had the return of Rhyhorn in eggs and in the “catch 3 Rhyhorn” researches, but those aren’t that reliable either. Speaking of research, it was all mostly the same. Nothing special. And the research Rhyhorns were only 600-700CP. Which sucks, compared to all the 900-1200CP Rhyhorns we were finding in the wild.

It’s hard to find shinies if there are lots of Pokemon around that can’t be shiny!

In the end, I only found 6 shinies. Only 3 of them were usable and none of them had good stats. The people I’m playing with though had pretty good luck. One of the people I was with found TWENTY shinies, which is insane.

Luckily I had a Lucky Trade with someone, so I managed to get a badass shiny, lucky Rhyperior. So that’s all good.

While the Rhyhorn Community Day was great, it yet again suffered from pretty mediocre no-Rhyhorn spawns. I mean, come on, we see Bidoof and Numel and all that crap all the time. We don’t need or care to see them on Community Days!


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