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The Tuxxy is a very special cosmetic.

It is one of the two all-class TF2 shirts, the other being the Dead of Night. In fact, it is the only TF2 cosmetic that is made to be an all-class shirt in the first place. The Dead of Night started off as a Spy-only cosmetic and was only made all-class three years later.

The Tuxxy give every class a white dress shirt and a black bow tie. Every class except for Pyro, Medic, and Spy also get French cuffs with a gold cufflink on each cuff. The Enginner only has one cuff on his ungloved hand, the others get a pair of it. The TF2 logo is emblazoned on the cufflinks.

Tuxxy display

The Tuxxy also gives Scout and Pyro team-coloured lapels, but for some reason it shows up as white on SFM. I am not sure why this happens…


The Tuxxy is, as its name implies, based on a Tuxedo. Its concept art implies that it is meant to resemble the tuxedos worn by Oscar attendees.  You would’ve though that it’ll be something dapper and elegant-looking, given its inspiration, but the detached cuffs just makes it look kind of goofy. In fact, it reminds me more of those tuxedo T-shirts rather than an actual tuxedo. The Dead of Night fits the dapper formal wear niche much better than the Tuxxy because of this.

What I expected VS what I got
What I expected VS what I got

But then, TF2 is a goofy, silly game. A goofy, silly cosmetic thus fits TF2 much better because of that. Some may not like it so much because of the sillyness, but I personally like it because of that. The fact that I can still make nice cosmetic loadouts as well is great too. Some of the more recent cosmetics, like the Potassium Bonnett, BINOCULUS!, and the Yule Hog went too far on the silly goofiness and just looks plain dumb. Something inherently silly, but have just enough restraint to not be completely bonkers is much more preferable for me. Something like the Whiskered Gentleman, Camera Beard, Manniversary Paper Hat, and of course, the Tuxxy.

I supposed that can’t be helped. At the point of writing, TF2 has had more than a decade of cosmetic item releases. New themes, new concepts must be explored, or we’ll just end up with a bunch of samey-looking stuff. At the same time, I can’t help but have some distaste for these newer cosmetics.

First set of examples

As for cosmetic loadouts, top hats and bowler hats are the best to maintain the dapper, formal theme the Tuxxy has. Glasses, facial hair, and pipes works well with it too.

The Ghastly Gibus works especially well with the Tuxxy. Both cosmetics gives an overall impression of a down-on-his-luck gentleman who had fallen from grace, or a poor man trying to impersonate a richer man and failing to do so convincingly.

However, if you prefer to maintain a dapper, upper-class look and want more options, some hairstyles, like the Pomade Prince, and some formal footwear, like the Sneaky Spats of Sneaking are also good options. Cosmetics that remove the classes’ stock headwear, like the Ritzy Rick’s Hair Fixative and the Texas Slim’s Dome Shine are recommended too as some of the default headwear just doesn’t gel with the theme.

Second set of Tuxxy examples

Overall, I really like the Tuxxy. It’s a bit goofy and dumb-looking, but it did convey its theme well. As all-class cosmetics go, it’s great.

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