Things I want in Minecraft: Food edition

I spent quite a lot of time playing Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together. Although I don’t like them as much as Minecraft, one thing that I really enjoy about the game is the Crock Pot. The Crock Pot allows you to cook new and better foods from basic ingredients. We don’t really need something like that in Minecraft, but I do want more food-related things in Minecraft. Here are some of the things I want.

Desserts and sweets

On top of being a glutton, I also have a massive sweet tooth.

Ice cream

As of now, we have sugar, which is only used for cake, pumpkin pie, and fermented spider eyes. It can be used for so much more! I don’t expect these to be too good practically speaking, seeing as cake and cookies are rather underwhelming for the resources they cost. However, it’ll be fun to have around. Like cake and cookies.

Candy. I mean, sugar is just powdered candy anyway.

Besides, with candy and ice cream, we can use dye to dye them! I mean, all the dyes are natural plant dyes, which I think is healthier than their IRL equivalents. Not to mention, we never have coloured foods before.

Chocolate. Not too sure about the icon for this one.

Speaking of sweets, there’s another thing I want to talk about.

Give sweets another purpose

For the resources they cost, cakes and cookies are really not that good. Honey is fine, it’s just that they are a pain to acquire in the first place.

Giving people who ate it Speed I for a while to simulate a sugar rush would be interesting. That way, there is a proper reason to craft and eat them. By the time you have the resources to craft these, players will most likely have better food sources. There is some novelty to them, but it’s just not good enough to be worth it.

A new drink

Hot Cocoa. Definitely the easiest custom icon here.

With the addition of honey, we now have two drinks in Minecraft. Three, if you count the water bottle.

The main reason I propose adding Hot Cocoa here is because cocoa beans are really underutilized for how hard it is to find them. They can only be used for cookies and brown dye. We literally have all the components for crafting chocolate and hot cocoa in the game, so why can’t we have it?

Some ways to use rotten flesh to fertilize the ground

I mean, trading them to Cleric Villagers for emeralds and feeding them to dogs are good, but since they are rotten flesh they are basically fertilizer, no?

And there’s just one last thing. This has been annoying me for quite a while.

Hard-boiled eggs. Or just cooked eggs. Or just being able to eat eggs.

I mean, Klei allows players to cook and eat eggs. Why can’t we do that?

As my waistline can attest, I am a man who enjoys food and eating a lot. I don’t need these changes. Not having them isn’t going to detract from the Minecraft experience for me, I just like to have them. I suppose mods are the way to go here.

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