On Both Liking and Hating Limbo

Because of Scarlet Spear,  I ended up playing a lot of Limbo. It wasn’t because I particularly wanted to, but Limbo was just the best choice. My other options involved playing Mesa or being a buffer for more damage. While all these roles are useful, I always ended up playing Limbo simply because no one else really wanted to.


Because most people don’t like Limbo.

Myself included. I never particularly enjoyed Limbo, and my main original reasoning was that I didn’t like not rolling. That still applies today. I use rolls to keep my momentum going, especially after long jumps. Rolling is also good in shorter spaces where a bullet jump will fling you into a wall.

That being said, I am often happy to see a Limbo in a tedious Mobile Defense mission. It means I can bugger off and murder things, knowing the terminal will be safe. Limbo also has a lot of defensive niches. For example, a Limbo can

But no one likes playing Limbo because he is both complicated and weirdly dull and simple at the same time. Often, you just create a cataclysm and use Stasis and that’s about it.

"G'day again! Would you like some Cataclysm with your inability to roll?"
“G’day again! Would you like some Cataclysm with your inability to roll?”

Limbo was simply the best in Scarlet Spear

When Scarlet Spear came along, Limbo proved to be a necessity, alongside Mesa. Mainly because Sentients tend to be squiggly bastards who brush off most abilities, and you have four stupid Oplinks that need defending. Sure, they nerfed Limbo to make it so that Sentients slowly break free of Stasis, but you can just cast Stasis again.

But defending the Oplinks was always more important than killing enemies. I’d rather see two Limbos and struggle with Sentients than just have Oplinks die, because they can die very quickly.

And, personally, with my cheese Limbo build, I actually started getting into playing Limbo and getting into the swing of things. After all, I was mostly safe in the Rift and I could murder with my Exodia Contagion.

Limbo Prime facing a defeated Condrix and sending scrambled data to a Railjack team
Limbo Prime facing a defeated Condrix and sending scrambled data to a Railjack team

After Scarlet Spear though? I’m not so sure.

I mean, I’ve tried playing Limbo a little bit, but my Scarlet Spear build was made for Scarlet Spear. I’ve had to put that build away and make new builds. And frankly my builds come in two flavours: as high a range as possible for cataclysm or as tiny a range as possible for Cataclysm.

That and his 1st and 3rd abilities just aren’t used. Occasionally you’ll use Banish on a Mesa or a rescue target so they don’t get hurt, but I’ve never really even seen a reason to use Rift Surge, because ideally you want all your Stasis- and Rift-bound enemies inside your Cataaclysm.

I suppose what made me actually like Limbo was the weird way very few weapons work from within the Rift. But that list is very small and highly likely to change in the future.

And then there’s other people, still.

No matter what though, other people are still very hit and miss on Limbo. Even if you do everything right, people still won’t enjoy seeing Limbos around. People will always prefer a Gara or Khora because they don’t impact on other players the way Limbo does.

Despite that though, I’m willing to keep on giving Limbo a chance, because he can make your life easier. And since I have a weapon that damages through the Rift, I don’t have much to worry about. For now, at least…


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